Photo: Roots of Malmö

Roots of Malmö produces organic kombucha in our own brewery in the heart of Malmö, southern Sweden. Our specialty is development of new flavour combinations, such as salvia & honey, turmeric, seven flowers, queen of the meadow, lemon verbena, and apple & spices.

We continually try to find new flavours in the plant kingdom, and use only botanical ingredients. All our raw materials are organic, and if possible we harvest the raw materials ourselves. For example, we pick apples for our winter taste at Österlen in Eastern Skåne, queen of the meadow comes from forests in southern Småland, and elder from meadows and forests in south-western Skåne.

Photo: Roots of Malmö

Roots Kombucha is unpasteurised and unfiltered, and carbonation occurs naturally. The process is very sensitive and requires close attention, but at the same time allows us to deliver kombucha containing all the good living bacteria that consumers want. One bottle takes a whole month to manufacture.



Roots of Malmö AB
Claesgatan 8,
c/o Mitt Möllan,
214 26 Malmö

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