Photo: Magnihill

Magnihill AB is a family company, based in the south of Sweden in Skåne, that develops, produces and sells frozen products from the vegetable kingdom, with a focus on organic and convenience, in cooperation with our customers.

Our vegetables are produced with care based on each product’s unique requirements regarding soil quality, harvesting and processing. We produce everything from whole frozen products to mixtures specially adapted for their purpose and end product. The company’s vegetables are often used in prepared meals, soups and baby foods, or just as they are by restaurants and caterers.

We can deliver whole pieces, diced, sliced, wedge cut or shredded in packages that can vary from bulk containers, sacks and cartons to bags from 0.3-2.5 kg.

Photo: Magnihill


Magnihill AB
Hjortvägen 61
253 54 Mörarp
+46 42-329880

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