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The Nordic Soda Company (former Ekobryggeriet) offers organic drinks under the brands The Dirt Water Fox Brewery and Ekobryggeriet. We do not color our sodas and do not use any unnecessary additives! For us it is natural that we as entrepreneurs must take greater responsibility for having a world left to earn money in. Of course, we want to make money, but not at any costs! We give one third of our profits to small and large organizations that support social and environmental projects. We see it as the entrepreneurial future!


With a strong feeling of a growing global tonic trend, also the utter lack of organic options, in April 2017 we finally decided to start the project of EB Nordic Tonic. End of June first products were launched. With a flying start all bottles were sold out in only two weeks. Surprised and delighted by the fantastic response, we then faced difficulties to uphold needed throughput first number of months but only to come into line in October.
With consistently increasing sales figures, with its peak during Christmas and New years, final sales landed on approx. 220 000 bottles from Q3 2017. This sales were reached through our limited channels of approx 50 retail stores. 2018 is off to a grand start, from week 4 we are launched at ICA and at week 16 we are already market leader in volume at ICA. We expect a significant increase in volume during the year on both existing but also new food chains.


Since mid 2018, we have taken back FOX sales rights to Ekobryggeriet and made a re-launch in 250ml slim can with a new flavor.

Photo: Ekobryggeriet

Dirtwater Fox Cola Blanco, Organic product
Dirtwater Fox Green Apple, Organic product
Dirtwater Fox Sweet Lemon, Organic product

Photo: Ekobryggeriet

Ekobryggeriet Nordic Tonic Bitter, Organic product
Ekobryggeriet Nordic Tonic Bitter Bar Edition, Organic product
Ekobryggeriet Nordic Tonic Spruce Shoots, Organic product
Ekobryggeriet Nordic Tonic Rhubarb, Organic product
Ekobryggeriet Nordic Tonic Elder Flower, Organic product

Photo: Ekobryggeriet

Main ingredients
Carbonated water, organic sugar from non-EU agriculture, acidity regulator (citric acid) and natural flavor.

Shelf life: 365 days from manufacturing

No allergies

Certificate for food production
Certificate for organic production

Sales channels
Retail, HoReCa, Wholesale

Export ongoing markets: Finland, Norway, Denmark, Romania, Spain, Greece, UAE, Kuwait, Maldives, Hong Kong and Namibia.



Ekobryggeriet i Sverige AB
Torsgatan 9, 603 63 Norrköping, Sweden
Mob +46768808436

Thomas Jensen,

Marcus Nyberg,