Photo: Camelina of Sweden

Camelina of Sweden is a 100% organic oil, cultivated and cold-pressed from the flowering plant Camelina sativa. This super oil has a round, nutty flavour with generous grass notes, some say it tastes like summer.

Camelina oil is perfect in dressings and marinades or for baking, and a popular alternative to other cooking oils in paleo recipes and vegan dishes. And as it withstands heat better than most other oils (up to 245 degrees C°1) without losing its nutritional properties it is also ideal for roasting, frying, deep frying or even barbequing. Camelina oil is also more resistant to rancidity than most other oils2, oh, and did we mention that 1–2 teaspoons of it provides you with the daily requirement of omega 33? But the fun doesn’t stop here.

Camelina oil has more applications than just cooking. Its moisturizing properties and high concentration of vitamin E (antioxidants)4 also makes it very well suited for use in skin- and hair care. And the remains from the oil production is used as a nutritious ingredient in animal feed. This means that the production of Camelina of Sweden camelina oil is also practically waste free.

Photo: Camelina of Sweden

The company behind Camelina of Sweden, family owned agricultural business by Ranch, focuses solely on the production of organic grains and seeds and is the only place in Sweden where Camelina sativa is cultivated and cold-pressed on a large scale. Today, their oil is sold to consumers and restaurants across the country, online as well as via farm shops, large food chains and wholesalers. The next product to come from byRanch is dry roasted camelina seeds, which are extremely flavourful and nutritious and great in everything from salad, sushi and fish to bread and breakfast porridge.



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