Photo: Berga Bruk

Berga Bruk AB was founded in 2014 by entrepreneur and pomologist Kajsa Leander and is an independent artisan fruit pressing mill and brewery in Småland, Sweden, specialising in contemporary sparkling and still organic beverages. The innovative drinks concocted at Berga Bruk are made from organic apples and berries. Berga Bruk aims to preserve the cultural heritage of the estate, and is in the process of restoring its numerous orchards for cultivating a blend of modern apple varieties developed for organic farming, as well as traditional Småland apple varieties for use in contemporary drinks. The choice of the ingredients used is dictated by the seasons, but organic and locally-produced are always the watch words, with their inherent benefits for both the body and the environment. Sustainability and awareness are Berga Bruk’s guiding

Kitty Kola made its first appearance in Sweden in spring 1953. And now Kitty Kola is back in updated form thanks to Berga Bruk in Småland. It’s a healthy cola, made from organic apples and cola beans. Kitty Kola – organic, 100% free from added sugar and made from natural ingredients. Kitty Kola has also arrived with two new siblings – Kitty Kool, a lemonade, and Kitty Krazy, a ginger ale. It was spring 1953 when Kitty Kola first appeared in Sweden. An Englishman had convinced some small, local breweries in Småland that this brown, fizzing drink with its exotic flavour was the future. And it was the future! For a few months at least….until Coca-Cola was launched in Sweden and Kitty Kola soon disappeared from the shelves. However, the stylish logo with its cool cat drinking from a straw lived on out in the country, where it was rediscovered by Berga Bruk.

Photo: Berga Bruk


“The 101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared” is one of Sweden’s most popular and widely-viewed films, with over 1.5 million Swedes having filled the cinemas during
its original theatrical run and now shown on Netflix. It is starring Robert Gustafsson as Allan – with the new drink Folksoda also forming an important part of the plot.

Photo: Berga Bruk

Folksoda has an unexpected, surprising and delicious flavour combining the superberry Shisandra, apple, sour cherry and lemon. 100% organic with no added sugar.



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