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This is Beat. The gateway to healthier and more climate-smart food. It is both simple and addictive. In fact, it may be a little dangerous if you are afraid of change. It begins with a potato cake, but the chance is that before you know it, the majority of your plate is plant based. In the end you might have almost become a vegetarian.

Beat adds beans to the food. Beans are legumes. Legumes contain a lot of iron, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and slow carbohydrates. A real boost for any food! Beat offers the solution to one of the most common, yet most challenging challenges. To get simple and good, yet healthy everyday food. That people eats. Welcome to the future!

Photo: Food For Progress

Beat is adding legumes to the food. Either you do it yourself with bean curd or we can do it for you. Beat is nothing but beans, in our case kidney beans or fava beans. Organically produced legumes. But they are selected and milled in a way that allows them to be used as an ingredient in almost anything. Just like flour, egg or milk. Beat can be a replacement of, or complement a dish. The very ingredient is available in three different varieties, to be mixed in soups, gratin, sauces, bread or cakes. Or to mix with mincemeat and get the classic Beatburger, with half meat and half bean.

Beat has been an ingredient for large-scale catering establishment and restaurants since 2012. Since the autumn of 2016, there are also two plant based products to be easily and quickly made at home. Everyday favorites loved by both children and adults.

The Swedish KRAV organic beans we use in Beat Potato Cakes and Cornballs contribute to both biodiversity and new opportunities for Swedish farmers. We are proud to be able to make really good food of beans that were previously used only for feed. For us, that is wisdom. Minimal climate impact, resource efficiency, the bees love it, it’s crazy useful, and furthermore food safety increases through local cultivation and production.



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