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How it all began, over 30 years ago

Just like in the world of fairytales, the tale of Almondy begins with “Once upon a time…”…two young men, named Kent and Lennart, were dreaming of building a boat and sailing around the world, when they discovered a secret Swedish recipe from 1890 for an irresistibly good almond cake that was unlike anything they had ever tasted before. This taste experience would change their lives completely. Instead of sailing, their passion became baking cakes and sharing the unique taste with many more people. It has been, and still is, a fantastic journey, which we love to share.

Photo: Almondy

Today we sell our desserts in over 50 countries all over the world, and these are served to around 140 million people every year. Quality, premium taste and convenience is at the core of our offer. We select our ingredients carefully so we bake our desserts with fresh eggs, fresh cream and high quality chocolate. We offer a truly unique concept with a delicious taste.

Photo: Almondy

We strongly believe it is important to spontaneously celebrate the small moments in life. There are plenty of reasons and occasions to celebrate, believe us, we know. And then we do not talk about holidays. It is those little moments that brightens our everyday life and make us stop and enjoy life.

So don’t forget to celebrate properly. Or just a little. It’s worth it. It surely is the moments when you share a cake with someone who counts. Those spontaneous moments that make life a little more fun, right?

Photo: Almondy

We want people all around the world to enjoy the fantastic taste of our irresistibly good cakes.

A cake can’t change the world. But we are convinced that our cakes can contribute to more moments of indulgence together with family and friends, which makes life a bit happier!



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