The fact that it has been a big hit in Sweden is explained by surveys that show that four out of 10 Swedes belong to the consumer group LOHAS – Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability. Characteristic of LOHAS, as the name suggests, is a great interest in health and sustainability, which in turn has encouraged the demand for organic food in Sweden.

The health benefits associated with organic food are primarily that organic foods such as fruit and vegetables are grown without chemical pesticides. In addition, unnecessary additives are not permitted in organic food and beverages. Prohibited ingredients include synthetic colouring and flavouring agents, synthetic sweeteners and preservatives, trans fats and other odd additives. The result is that many consumers steer their hands to the organic options on store shelves to make a choice that is both healthy and sustainable.

The great interest in health and sustainability inspires more than a few innovative companies to develop new products that often have several added values. In addition to being organic, being vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free or raw are well received.

Seven Swedish companies that have ridden the wave of the growing health awareness are Herb Hero, Superfruit, Renée Voltaire and Healthy Co, PLOG, RÅ and Great Earth which offer organic and vegan superfoods for smoothies, salads and cold sauces.

Herb Hero

Photo: Herb Hero

Herb Hero‘s business concept began with a desire to inspire people to embrace a more healthy diet and lifestyle. The company’s selection currently consists of three superfoods, all of which are raw, vegan and organic: cold-pressed organic coconut oil, organic turmeric powder and organic moringa powder. Moringa, also known as the miracle tree, is native to the foothills of the Himalayas, and has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to its high content of protein, amino acids and antioxidants.

The company cooperates exclusively with farms that practice organic and sustainable agriculture. In addition, they ensure that suppliers have good working conditions. They are thus involved in the entire chain from plant to product.


Photo: Superfruit

Since 2007, Superfruit has developed nutritious and sustainable products made from açai, goji berries, chia seeds, hemp seeds, inca berries, blueberries, cocoa, guarana, cranberries, spirulina, etc. Their range consists of a variety of product categories such as seeds, capsules, powders, dried berries, snacks and much more. Superfruit has also built up a large and inspiring recipe bank with tips on how their products can enrich everything from breakfasts to dinners and desserts.

Renée Voltaire

Photo: Renée Voltaire

Behind Renée Voltaire, one of Sweden’s fastest growing food companies, is the founder with the same name who for over 13 years has challenged and renewed Swedish food culture. She is often described as a creative and innovative food rebel. The result of Renée’s hard work is found in the over 100 products available in approximately 1,000 food and health shops and cafes throughout the Nordic region. The common thread running through Renée Voltaire’s nicely packaged range is health and sustainability. More specifically, this means that most of the range is organic, plant-based and gluten-free. Juices, capsules, powders, chocolate, granola, coconut water and seeds are some examples of products included in the company’s range.


Photo: HealtyCo

Just as their brand name suggests, health is a key aspect in HealthyCo‘s varied range which includes everything from peanut butter to coconut oil, sugar-free cookies and bean pasta. Their ambition is to develop products for a conscious and well-informed and conscious consumer who values ​​ecology, health and sustainability highly. HealthyCo’s products have also been well received in markets such as Denmark, China, Italy, the Czech Republic and Iceland to name a few


Photo: PLOG

PLOG (which means “plough” in Swedish) manufactures nutritious, healthy and organic powders made with superfoods. What separates PLOG from its competitors is that they have a fully Swedish production line for which all the products are grown, harvested and packaged in Sweden at Hagavik farm near Trelleborg. The raw material for the products is grown outdoors in southern Sweden, which is well known for its fertile soil and clean water. Their three KRAV-certified products, red beet, wheat grass and barley grass can be used to enrich smoothies, soups or mixes as well as in baking.

Photo: RÅ

The foundation of the RÅ range is beverages made from natural organic raw materials such as beetroot, pomegranate, lingonberries, aronia berries, cranberries and ginger. The result is a range of flavourful and invigorating so-called functional beverages without added sugar or preservatives that can easily satisfy the body’s nutritional needs. This is the company’s goal – to help people stay healthy and strong by consuming the nutrients that nature’s fruits, berries and vegetables offer. Further, RÅ  (which means “raw” in Swedish) collaborates with a research council in order to develop and ensure the quality of its products.

Great Earth

Photo: Great Earth

Great Earth is one of Sweden’s leading health brands. The company was founded in Sweden in 1987 by Anders Lindqvist, who had a background in sports and a great interest in health food and sports nutrition. Anders is still highly involved in further development of Great Earth’s range of products. The company’s wide range includes a variety of organic superfoods: chlorella powder, hemp protein, cacao nibs, mulberries, wheatgrass powder, spirulina, and pea protein.

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