Photo:Kung markatta
Photo:Kung markatta

Over the next three years, the global meat-alternative market is projected to grow by an annual compound rate of 8.4 per cent, bringing its value to a whopping USD 5.2 billion by the end of 2020. Sweden is one of the countries in which this boom is most visible. One in every five Swedes under the age of 30 identifies as either vegetarian or vegan, while 50 per cent of Swedish people report that they are more interested in eating vegan diet now than they were just a year ago.

With so many Swedes considering vegetarian and vegan food options, food producers have been quick to jump on board. Despite being a small country in terms of its population, Sweden has a long history of punching above its weight when it comes to innovation, and its role in the development of vegan food is no exception.

Here are 10 of the most exciting, innovative vegan foods being produced in Sweden:

Kebab-spiced Oumph, Oumph!

Oumph! offers what it itself calls “epic veggie eating” – a series of meat substitutes, made from filling soybeans, packed with protein, fibre, folic acid and other vitamins and minerals. Oumph! comes in a variety of different flavours and consistencies. There’s classic American-style Pulled Oumph!, thyme and garlic-flavour Oumph! and, of course, the favourite for anyone who likes to eat healthy but pretends not to, Kebab-spiced Oumph!

Formable minced meat, by Anamma

Anamma started making vegan food two decades ago – long before it ever became trendy. These days, it is best known for its outstanding meat substitutes – which are so excellent that even McDonald’s partnered with Anamma to develop its new McVegan for the Swedish and Finnish market Its standout product is its formable minced meat that allows you make anything from vegan meatballs, to burgers or bolognaise – just form and add spices.

Organic veggie burger mix, by Kung Markatta

If you want to make burgers that are not only healthy and meat free but filling and tasty too, look no further than this veggie burger mix from Kung Markatta. Packed with wholegrain wheat and oats, and plenty of chopped veggies, all this mix requires is for you to add water, form the patties and fry them. And as if that wasn’t enough, all Kung Markatta’s products are all organic too.


Chickpea and seaweed patties by Risenta

Risenta’s yellow range has been specially designed for anyone trying to eat greener. Makes sense, right? Turns out the yellow colour makes the packaging stands out on the shelf in the supermarket and in your kitchen. All Risenta’s veggie mixes are healthy, tasty and made from 100 per cent natural ingredients. What’s more, they are organic too. The healthiest of the lot is the chickpea mix with seaweed – an ingredient that is famously low in fat and packed with fibre.

Veggie sausage, by Anamma

Getting kids to eat vegetables and enjoy them can be a real challenge, especially when all their classmates get to have hot dogs and hamburgers. But now Anamma has created the perfect solution to all your children’s birthday party woes. Its veggie sausage is a mild, lightly flavoured sausage made from soya protein that works equally well on the barbeque, in sausage stew or at the kids’ next birthday party.

Vegan bolognaise by Dafgårds

Dafgårds is a popular producer of classic Swedish recipes transformed into easy-to-reheat, ready-made meals. In keeping with the times, Dafgårds recently launched its new green product range, consisting of three new vegetarian meals and one vegan dish: spicy lentil bolognaise served on soybean pasta with kale pesto. It is vegan, sugar free and gluten free.

Oumph! Bibim, by Oumph!

Asian food has never been trendier and, of the various Asian cuisines, Korean is the hottest of them all. Now ultra-popular vegan meat producer Oumph! invites you to enjoy authentic Korean flavours in a meat-free format with its Korean-inspired Bibim Oumph! All Oumph! products are made from soybeans with such low climate impact so that you, and everyone else, can feel good about eating them every day.

Beetroot tofu patty, by Kung Markatta

Did you know that beetroot is a key component of a healthy vegan diet? It is packed with essential nutrients and provides a great source of fibre, folate (vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, iron and vitamin C. Kung Markatta’s vegan fairtrade-certified beetroot-tofu patty blends protein-rich tofu, nutty chickpeas and chunks of beetroot to deliver a unique combination of bright colour, delicious flavour and great texture.

Veggie schnitzel by Anamma


Schnitzel was first invented in Austria – a thin, boneless cutlet of veal that is breaded and deep-fried in butter. While the original is as far from a vegan meal as you can get, Anamma have taken the traditional Weiner schnitzel, maintained its original delicious flavor and crispy texture, but used soyaprotein to turn it into vegan treat that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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