Try Swedish at Wabel summits – digital summits with B2B “Smart Meetings

On 31 May to 4 June, ten Swedish companies are participating in Wabel Grocery and Drinks summit.

Wabel provides a B2B matchmaking platform creating real one-on-one conversations between suppliers and their partners. In 2020, Wabel offered 10,000 B2B Smart Meetings, bringing together buyers and suppliers from 60+ countries worldwide.

Wabel is organizing dedicated (2-4 day) summits for various product categories (Frozen, Seafood, Meat, Groceries, Drinks and Ingredients) where each company is offered at least 8 meetings based on real projects and buyers’ needs.

Business Sweden is through this partnership giving Swedish companies the opportunity to meet buyers, retailers and distributors when participating in a Wabel summit to a subsidized price, as well as providing support before, during, and after the summits to the Swedish companies.

The Swedish companies that will participate in the Grocery and Drinks summit 31 May to 4 June are:

This is nuts
Fjällbergets bageri
Svenska Lantchips
The Nordic Soda Company
– Vattenfabriken Oskarsström
Åre Water
Vitamin Well
– Aquagustus

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