Previously, eating was only about what was on our tongues. Today eating is much more – we want to eat for our mind and body, while also doing good. Therefore, we are experiencing new and increasing demands for food. Sustainability and health aspects impact our food choices, but we do not want to sacrifice indulgence. We are no longer willing to substitute one over the other.

Products with an organic trademark have been conceived as sustainable and healthy. As the supply of organic foods is growing, with increased and more complex demands for food, it is increasingly more difficult to navigate and not as distinguishing as before. Therefore, there is a need to go beyond organic to reach through the clutter and guide consumers to food that is sustainable, healthy and tasty and thus allows consumers to indulge in.

Sweden and Swedish companies do this by continuously pushing the boundaries for what is considered as good food.

• We constantly innovate refinement and handling processes, resulting in cutting-edge products
• We are a progressive kind of people with a high quality of life
• We have a terroir that creates superior and unique products
• We are a world leader in animal welfare

All in all, Sweden presents a line of organic products that are sustainable, innovative, healthy and tasty – Beyond Organic

In a world where changing the way we eat can have an enormous impact on our planet’s survival, many people are questioning our entire food system. But how can we navigate towards the best choices? How can we find the right blend among all the labels, countries of origin, advice and expert opinions?

In Sweden, we have always pushed the boundaries of good food. And now we are pushing the boundaries of organic. Our organic ‘KRAV’ label goes beyond the EU standards driving development towards sustainable food production. In Sweden, we understand the way we eat can influence the future of our planet.

People all around the world are questioning our entire food system. And so are we. That is why our organic food, produced in nature with clean water, fresh air, living soil and in wild forests is setting new standards. Food that goes beyond healthy and organic. Food that sustains a better future for humans, for animals, our environment and the climate.

So, a great way is to seek out organic food from Sweden. Why? Because everything that Sweden stands for is concentrated right down to the first bite – a bite with an even more delicious aftertaste. We are not content with simply qualifying in the current prevailing standards, we’d rather set newer, even higher demands on what we are producing and handling. We want the good to be better, the healthy healthier and the organic even more organic – not just for our own sakes, but also for the animals and our environment.

How do we achieve this?
We call it Beyond Organic.

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