Photo: Kung Markatta

The products are characterized by a focus on health and sustainability, as well as packaging that brightens up pantry shelves at home with elegant, well thought-out design.

Among our appreciated producers are many who have supplied Swedes with organic pantry items for decades as well as others who recently started their businesses after identifying new trends in the market that they chose to satisfy with innovative alternatives. These are often products with several added values in addition to being organic, e.g. a combination of organic, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian or vegan.

Saltå Kvarn

Photo: Saltå Kvarn

As is the case in many other food cultures, bread plays a central role in the Swedish food culture. However, only a decade ago little was said about where flour came from or how it was produced. That changed when the organic brand Saltå Kvarn charmed Swedes and stimulated a renewed appreciation for flour and sourdough baking. In addition to several varieties of organic flour, Saltå Kvarn offers buckwheat, linseed, sunflower seeds, groats, muesli and a number of dry and preserved foods in attractive packaging.



With the increased interest in recent years in baking and, in particular, so-called sourdough baking, more and more Swedes have become aware of flour from ancient grains. According to Wästgötarna, an association with eight members who grow, process and deliver organic grains, these grains have a special taste and nutritional value that has been lost in modern grains. Their range includes about 50 so-called ancient grains and cultural cereals such as, for example, whole kernel, groats, kruska bran, flakes, whole grain and sifted flour, all grown and processed in compliance with KRAV’s strict environmental regulations.

Kung Markatta

Photo: Kung Markatta

Nuts, seeds and sunflower seeds are common items in many pantries, but it is often forgotten that these products (walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds, flaxseeds and sunflower seeds) are a source of protein, fibre and nutritious fats. If you are trying to find organic products within this range, Kung Markatta is one of the Swedish brands one should turn to. The trademark, which is part of Midsona Sverige AB, is often described as a pioneer and has worked for over 30 years with organic food products. Their range is 100% organic and, in addition, they climate compensate for all their transportation.

Frebaco Kvarn

Photo: Frebraco

The basics found in the Nordic pantry are grains such as wheat, oats, rye and barley. These cereals also form the basis of Frebaco’s range, which consists of oat rings, porridge, cooking oats, cooking wheat, milled grain, kamut wheat and various muesli mixtures. The company’s mill, where they have processed grain since 1979, is located on the Västgöta plains in southern Sweden. The Swedish grain comes from no further than 100 km from the mill. To sum up, Febraco Kvarn offer climate-smart and healthy products that are developed and processed locally with a combination of traditional knowledge, curiosity and creativity.

Torfolk Farm

Photo: Torfolk farm

Marmalade and jam are common features in Swedish pantries. Besides using them on bread at breakfast, they can be used in porridge, on pancakes or in desserts. A company that has been at the forefront of the development of organic marmalade, jam and organic farming in general is the food company, Torfolk Farm. In 1985, the founders of the company were among the founders of KRAV, Sweden’s most well-known organic label for food, which you can read more about here.

Cloudberry jam, rhubarb and strawberry marmalade as well as gooseberry marmalade are just some of the many typical Swedish flavours available in their range. In addition, they make their own juice and grow a variety of vegetables that they sell via wholesalers and in their farm shop.

Renée Voltaire

Photo: Reneé Voltaire

Bouillon is said to be the basis of all cooking. A tasty and well-balanced bouillon can turn a bland stew or soup into a taste sensation. Few people, however, have the time or energy to cook their own broth for everyday use. The innovative company Renée Voltaire has addressed this need by developing several organic bouillons, free from sugar, gluten, yeast and palm oil. Their range of organic and healthy products does not stop at bouillon but covers a range of product categories.

In conclusion, we can say that Swedes want to eat healthy with a general awareness of how food impacts people and the environment. They are also curious and open to trying new and creative flavour combinations. This is reflected in Sweden’s diversity of food entrepreneurs and food companies who dare to challenge and drive development forward both locally and globally, and often with a focus on attractive packaging design.


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