Photo: Yipin

Family-made tofu by Yipin

yipin started producing tofu in Sweden two decades ago. Today it is Sweden’s best-selling organic tofu. yipin offers a variety of flavourings and textures based on a recipe from the founder’s great-grandmother. In the past few years, with growing demand for plant-based foods, sales have really taken off.

Their most recent launches are a herb marinated tofu and an extra, extra firm natural tofu. The herb marinated tofu has a rich flavour of basil, thyme, garlic and soy. It is delicious in a pasta, risotto or as pizza topping. The natural tofu (230 g) is their firmest tofu – it absorbs flavours very well and is easy to prepare. All you need to do is slice the tofu and fry it crispy in a pan, or bake it in the oven. Hungry for more? Check out their recipes at

Photo: A2O Tempeh

Tempeh Burger by A2O

A20 is a small Swedish producer making tempeh from yellow peas and grey peas grown on the Swedish island of Öland. Rather than try to imitate the taste of meat, they want to make peas more attractive by creating the deepest flavours and best textures possible. A20’s hallmark is locally produced, plant-based, organic raw ingredients. The result is delicious, responsible, climate-friendly food. Try the A20 Tempeh Gulärt (yellow pea), which can be cut into slices or cubes, depending on the recipe. Another bestseller is the ready-made A20 Tempeh Burger.

Photo: Lupinta

Tempeh by Lupinta

Eslam Salah, the brains behind the start-up company Lupinta, founded in 2018, wants to help more people discover organically produced lupin beans as the food of the future. The company’s goal is to offer an alternative to meat and soybeans with locally produced, sustainably farmed high-protein lupin beans.

The mission is to increase demand for products made from lupin beans and to encourage more farmers to cultivate lupin beans in order to cut long-distance imports of soybeans to Europe.

Lupinta Tempeh is the award-winning company’s first product, but Lupinta is worth keeping your eye on. The company is doing a lot of R&D and has several new products in the pipeline that are expected to reach the Swedish market in the coming year.

Photo: Nordisk Råvara

Gotland lentils and lupin beans by Nordisk Råvara

Nordisk Råvara markets and sells traditional and nontraditional organically produced crops from various parts of Sweden. The company cooperates with farmers in different parts of the country to create the highest level of sustainable production.

The ambition is to create the best products from the perspective of both health and the environment. Among the most popular crops are the extremely protein-rich grey pea, the tasty, beautiful Gotland lentil and the lupin bean, which the company describes as one of the most interesting foods on the market now. “Great for the planet and for those who eat it.”

Photo: Bärta

Umami Burger by Bärta

It’s the pea that makes the difference, according to Pia Qvarnström, the founder of Bärta, a brand of organic sprouted and fermented Swedish split peas. The mouthwatering Bärta Umami Burger, made with 100 percent Swedish split peas, was named best new organic special-diet food product by Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia in 2018.

The company Swedish Temptations launched the Bärta brand in 2018 after several years of experimenting with fermenting techniques and flavours. Bärta, produced in the Swedish town of Karlshamn, marks an advance in the development of tempeh. Besides using split peas in place of soybeans, the process includes germination.

Photo: Findus

Pease by Findus

Having made countless numbers of pea products over the years, the Swedish food giant Findus has a newcomer in the product range Pease. The products are made with pea protein, as the company believes in greener food and vegetable protein as a great base in vegetarian and vegan cooking. Pease comes in five variations from Pease Mince to Pease Pulled. The latest addition to the group is the green meatball, so now you can switch out your classic Swedish meatballs for the more climate-friendly vegan Peace Bollar (peaballs).

Photo: Besproud

Sproud Original Drink by Sproud

Sproud’s products could never be a substitute for steak, but their drinks and vegan sports nutrition products powered by peas are an exciting and tasty innovation. Sproud was founded by a group of entrepreneurs based in Malmö in the south of Sweden, a progressive city where many food, health and lifestyle trends get started. The founders have a shared passion for innovative, environmentally friendly food and drink. Sproud Original Drink was launched in the fall of 2018, followed by Sproud Barista. The Original Drink is a vegan pea-based alternative to milk that has a minimal carbon footprint. Sproud’s products are 100 percent free from lactose, gluten and soy.

Photo: Peas of heaven

Vegan Prinskorv by Peas of Heaven

On the Swedish Christmas buffet table, small sausages (prinskorv) are a must. Now that the company Peas of Heaven has launched Vegan Prinskorv, there is finally a yummy alternative for vegetarians. Peas of Heaven’s founders decided several years ago that they wanted to create the best vegan substitute for meat products in order to reach all those who are curious about plant-based food. The result was a wide range of products, from sausages to cold cuts such as “roast peaf” (roast beef) and “peacon” (bacon).

Photo: Anamma

Vegofärs by Anamma

Anamma is a well-established vegan brand in Sweden, having made plant-based protein alternatives for decades, long before vegan was trendy. From a portfolio of around 20 products today, Anamma is best known for its excellent vegan minces. Anamma’s Vegofärs, made from soy protein, got the highest score (excellent) in the Swedish food magazine Allt om mat’s vegan mince test in 2018, where nine minces were tested. It’s super tasty and is perfect for tacos, Bolognese, lasagna and stews.

Photo: Vegme

Vegan Bourguignon by Vegme

Swedish producer of vegan food Vegme started with the creative restaurant family Schönemyr, with a great interest in food, innovation and development. On the island of Ingarö, outside of Stockholm, the company’s foodlab is located, where the recipe for Vegmes fresh vegetarian soy protein was created. Vego Bourguignon is one of the company’s latest creations from their ready made selection.



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