Try Swedish will participate with an official Swedish country pavilion for the first time at Food Ingredients Europe 2021.

Offering you a platform where tomorrow’s trends are being born, Food Ingredients Europe will be welcoming more than 27,000 visitors and 1,700 suppliers who will be showcasing the latest and most innovative F&B ingredients from all corners of the World.

Welcome to meet these innovative Swedish companies at 30B140:

Källbergs: egg-based ingredients, including powders, thickeners and other liquid products
Bakels Sweden: bakery ingredients, for both sweet and savory baking and confectionary products
Cashewmeetly: cashew-apple based cashew meat
Maisha Deli: plant-based butter, spread and cheese
Musselfeed: mussel meal and powder
Mycorena: fungi-based vegan protein
Nordic Seafarm: seaweed-based nutrition
Tebrito: insect-based protein powder
Lantmännen: oat-based ingredient products
Lyckeby: starch products and potato fiber
AstaReal: plant-based food supplements
Saltwell: natural low natrium salt
AAK: plant-based oils and fats

Welcome to listen to these company presentations in the pavilion

14.30 Lyckeby
15:00 Astareal
15:30 Lantmännen
11.00 AAK
14.00 Bakels Sweden

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