Do you want to learn more about the path to success for Swedish companies in different APAC countries? Do you want to understand how others view the range of opportunities and get an update on the latest trends in the industry?

Join our take-away session part II, on Friday 10th June, 10:00 – 11:15 CEST. 

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Business Sweden has invited Swedish nutrition and health companies BioGaia and AstaReal, who already have made their mark in APAC, to share their insights about the region.


There is a strong shift influencing consumers in the APAC region to towards a healthier lifestyle, fueled by several underlying factors, including the pandemic and aging populations. The nutrition and health markets are seeing several consumption trends with local preferences based on each country and the demography targeted, e.g., a focus on healthier ingredients and snack format of functional nutrition food and beverages. For Swedish consumer brands, having foundational knowledge of rules and regulations in each country is the first step as well as being aware of trends to better understand customers locally in order to succeed.

Business Sweden is therefore inviting you to together explore and discuss opportunities in the nutrition & health industry in APAC.

Overview of topics:

  • Live a healthier life: overview of opportunities and trends
  • Success case sharing: recipes to succeed
  • Panel discussion: insights from being present in the market
  • Q&A: opportunity to network with experts in the industry

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