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Spain is a stable market for Swedish food and beverage companies with an established customer base of 1.5 million Swedish tourists annually and over 90,000 permanent Swedish residents.

To support Swedish companies’ ambitions to enter and gain market position, Try Swedish has added Spain to the priority countries in its portfolio, with a local team on the ground in Madrid to accelerate and streamline the journey to market.

These in-person events will give Swedish companies insights into the market potential, trends and opportunities, and the Try Swedish services available for those looking at Spain as an export destination.

The session will explore:

  • How the rise of vegetarian, vegan, and green eating is impacting the local food market and the demand for healthy and sustainable products
  • The rise of eCommerce in the food and beverage sector during the pandemic and the projected growth of in the future
  • Nordic cuisine’s reputation and offering and how other Swedish companies have established and paved the way for safe, healthy, and green food and beverage products
  • Spain’s journey towards a more efficient and sustainable agri-food system across the value chain and the support from government and regional agencies and European aid
  • How to identify potential distributors or agents that may be specific to your products and how to fast track market entry

Date: September 13
Time: 08:30 CEST

To register your interest and sign up to the event, email Alejandra González

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