Photo: Food For Progress

Research has shown that frozen vegetables are just as nutritious as fresh vegetables if frozen directly after harvesting. Frozen foods remove a reliance on fresh vegetables, fruits and berries when in season. Instead, if we want, we can eat Scandinavian super berries like blueberries and lingonberries in the middle of winter.
Many also simplify their hectic everyday lives by stocking up on healthy frozen dishes that are especially well-suited when there is neither the time nor the space to cook from scratch. In the product category frozen food, vegetables and berries, there are a number of innovative Swedish actors offering organic, nutritious and sustainable products.


Photo: Polarica

Polarica has a rich selection of Nordic berries such as lingonberries, sea buckthorn, cloudberries, cranberries, raspberries and blueberries. The latter, blueberries, is usually described as the superfood of the Nordics thanks to its high content of antioxidants as well as vitamins C and B. Polarica berries are picked in season and frozen directly in order to preserve optimal taste and nutritional content.
Polarica is a company with roots in Tornedalen in northern Sweden. The company has evolved since it was founded in 1972 into an international food company with a focus on high quality raw materials from the wilderness.

Food For Progress

Photo: Food for Progress

As a part of the health and sustainability trend, there has been an increase in the number of Swedes that eat vegetarian food. According to a Swedish survey, four out of 10 Swedes eat vegetarian food one or more times a week, and half do so primarily for environmental and climate reasons.
A company that has contributed to this development is the Swedish company Food For Progress, which amongst other things has developed products under the brand name Beat. Their concept is based on adding beans to dishes we already love. Three different bean pastes have been available for restaurants and caterers for a long time. They are used to enrich everything from soups and sauces to burgers, breads and pastries. Potato Cakes and Cornballs are two products sold in shops. Beat’s Cornballs are also available in Picadeli’s salad bars in Sweden and other parts of Europe. The products contain almost half Swedish KRAV-labelled broad beans (Vicia faba in Latin), a bean that previously had only been used commercially for animal feed in Sweden. As well as tasting good, the products contribute to good crop rotation and stimulate pollinators in a positive manner.


Photo: Magnihill

Magnihill is a second-generation Swedish family company offering deep-frozen products from the plant kingdom with a strong focus on ecology, nature and the environment. A priority for the company is participating in the entire process from cultivation to processing and packaged end product. Magnihill’s range includes everything from exotic fruits and berries like mango and pineapple to Scandinavian options such as blueberries, aronia berries, sea buckthorn and lingonberries. The company’s contract growers harvest and deliver several thousand tonnes of raw materials annually. Among the frozen organic vegetables are for example peas, carrots, corn, potatoes, red beets, yellow beets, chioggia beets, sugar beets, rutabaga, artichokes and parsnips.

Nordisk Råvara

Photo: Nordisk Råvara

In pace with the increased interest in a plant-based diet, there has been clear growth in sales of legumes including cultural heritage varieties. The company Nordisk Råvara (“Nordic Raw Products” in English) has been at the forefront of this development through its cooperation with farmers and innovative growers throughout Sweden. Their unique lentil and bean varieties are not only sought after by conscious consumers but also by cooks and food creators who use them in their cooking. The Nordic Råvara range includes several frozen beans – white beans, black beans, kidney beans and broad beans – which are easy to thaw, boil or fry.

Nordisk Råvara works to increase knowledge about how we can take care of stressed soils, use cropland to bind carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, as well as produce food in a way that is sustainable for arable land and agriculture in general.

Lily & Hanna’s Raw Food Ice Cream

Photo: Lilly´s & Hanna

Can ice cream be both nutritious and good at the same time? That’s what the founder of Lily & Hanna’s Raw Food Ice Cream thinks. The company has developed a broad range of organic and vegan ice cream free from refined sugar. The idea for the brand was born after it was recommended that the founder’s daughter (Lily), who suffered from eczema from six months of age, should eat more healthy fats (plant based and unprocessed) and less unhealthy fats (animal and processed fats). After extensive experimentation making raw food ice cream based on healthy ingredients, Hanna decided to turn her new found passion into a business. The delicious taste of the products is the result of the great care used during production, which is done by hand to preserve the natural aroma of the ingredients. In addition, the products are charmingly packaged in compostable packaging.

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