The Try Swedish shop is now live at Redmart Lazada in Singapore.

Visit the shop HERE.

Singapore is an advanced, multi cultural market with sophisticated consumers used to trying, and buying, foreign products and flavors.

To position Sweden as a culinary nation and treat Singaporean consumers with great and delicious Swedish food, the Try Swedish shop was born in December 2019 as a collaboration between Business Sweden and RedMart.

RedMart, the Singapore based online grocery marketplace with over 3 million monthly visitors, now offers Swedish favourites in their wide range of groceries, drinks, household essentials, and baby needs.

With Swedish cornerstone food companies such as:

and with other innovative brands like:
First Class Brands,
Hernö Gin,
Renée Voltaire,
Skånska Spritfabriken
The Uncharted Brewing Company,
Veg of Lund,
Åre Water,
looking towards the Southeast Asia market, there’s no doubt this region is ready to Try Swedish!

During early 2019, RedMart announced its integration with Lazada (part of Alibaba Group), to further grow their footprint in Southeast Asian markets.

Mention Sweden and a collection of words immediately spring to mind: quality, sustainable, healthy, consciously produced and innovative. Try Swedish is an invitation from the country of Sweden to food lovers all over the world to taste and explore our culture. We believe in a simple idea: Eat well and you live well.

Visit the shop HERE.

If you are a Swedish company interested in selling to one of Asia’s most vibrant food scenes, please reach out to Malin Benselfelt for more information.

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Contact: Ida Stjernström, Business Sweden, Singapore