Mention Sweden and a collection of words immediately spring to mind: quality, innovation, conscious production, sustainability, and health. With consumers across the globe continuing to focus on healthier and more transparent eating, time-saving innovations, more natural and flexible diets, and a reduction in food waste, Sweden’s food and drink producers remain perfectly poised to cater to a more discerning global consumer.

One UK grocery retailer has capitalised on this enthusiasm for Sweden and its food and drink culture. Initiated in 2012 to increase awareness of Sweden as a culinary nation and introduce British consumers to great Swedish products, the TrySwedish shop was born as a collaboration between Business Sweden and Ocado, the UK’s largest pure online grocery seller and a specialist in e-commerce and home delivery of food, beverage and household products.

In its 7 years of existence, the shop has grown to become one of Ocado’s best-selling international shops, growing 30-35% in 2016 and 2017. Customers across the UK purchased one of the more than 140 Swedish products found in the shop, with 34.3% of Ocado’s total customer group in 2017 having shopped in the Swedish range.

The shop also sees constant development, with periodic additions to grow the selection of tastes and brands available to customers, as well as seasonal updates to keep the shop looking fresh. With innovative and exciting food companies such as Oatly, Orkla, Semper, ScandiKitchen and many more, it’s no surprise that Ocado’s TrySwedish shop has experienced the steady success we see today. And with more and more exciting innovations coming from Sweden, it’s no doubt that this success is just the beginning!

If you are a Swedish company interested in supplying to Ocado, Business Sweden is organising a workshop on Monday afternoon May 13 at Ocado’s headquarters in Hatfield, just outside of London. Participating companies will learn more about the various opportunities available from Ocado’s functional teams, as well as meet with relevant category buyers.

Please reach out to Edward ( as soon as possible for more information.

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