The Try Swedish Export Program is designed to help Swedish food & beverage companies increase global sales by entering and expanding in key markets. The branding concept Try Swedish is a trademark owned by Business Sweden, The Swedish Trade and Invest Council, to promote Swedish food and beverages globally.

Sweden is continuously ranked as a one of the world’s most innovative countries and is ranked as a top country to do business with and is a leading country for the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Sweden as a food nation has worked several decades to establish and maintain a reliable reputation for our safe and exceedingly tasty food products. We have strict and high standards, not only regarding food production in general, but also for animal welfare and use of antibiotics. Furthermore, Swedish companies and authorities have ambitious environmental and climate related goals regarding food waste and energy use.

Try Swedish export programme

The Try Swedish export programme’s overall aim is to contribute to an increase of Swedish food exports and the program plays a significant role in the Swedish government’s National Food Strategy, a cross-party agreement to dedicate resources to support the Swedish food industry.

The vision for 2030 is that Sweden by then has an innovative, profitable and highly competitive global food industry.

The Try Swedish programme consists of a number of promotional activities aiming to support Swedish food and beverage producers to grow their international business.

Activities within Try Swedish

  • A global analysis across 12 food and beverage export segments to pin point in which markets each segment has most potential to grow. The analysis concluded that there are 14 markets around the world where there is an extra high potential for Swedish products (only in Swedish).
  • Seminars and market insights from prioritized markets
  • Promotional activities such as arranging Swedish pavilions at international trade fairs, engaging in retail cooperation both online and offline, and matchmaking sessions.
  • Individual sales support on foreign markets for Swedish companies.
  • Allocated resources in Sweden to support SME within the food industry to further develop their individual export strategies. Available resources for subsidized consultancy support and activities in chosen markets for SME.
  • A specific promotional effort to strengthen the Swedish exports of organic food and beverage products.
  • Designated food experts at Business Sweden in focus markets; Japan, South Korea, Singapore & SEA, USA and Canada

Other priority markets for the Try Swedish export programme are;

• UK, Benelux and Germany and the Nordics
• Hong Kong and China

The Try Swedish marketing concept aims to support the positioning of Swedish food and beverage through inspiring and informative articles and short films. These are gathered on our website

On our site you can find articles addressing current trends within the food and beverage industry connected to our Swedish food culture and industry. We share upcoming events and brief product introductions to facilitate for international stakeholders to get in touch with our Swedish food and beverage companies.

If you have an idea for a future retail or distributor collaboration, feel free to contact us!

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