Välkommen att lyssna in på vårt kostnadsfria webinar om hur du kan förbättra din amerikanska retail pitch den 7 september kl. 16.00.

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Information om webinariet:

Green Seed Group is a leading food and beverage accelerator founded by former Quorn director and industry expert, David Wilson.

Green Seed has a proven track record of investing in and helping both start-ups and international brands with entering and growing in the USA & Canada. A full suite of sales & marketing services is provided to brands to suit their growth strategies. From seed investment, to regional and channel-specific sales support, to national high impact launches, Green Seed’s experienced team of professionals have capability across multiple trade channels and retail categories.

Green Seed North America has offices in New York City and Chicago with team members across the country close to retailers. Green Seed North America is part of Green Seed Group, an international network of food and beverage consultants that operate in 11 countries around the world.

During this webinar, David Wilson and Elizabeth Johnson of Green Seed Group will discuss how a Nordic food brand can pitch a U.S. audience successfully by:

• Outlining the key customers and channels in the US market to target

• Developing a compelling company, brand and product proposition

• Tailoring presentations to different audiences

• Face to face versus zoom – how to deliver an effective meeting

• Identifying the influencers to ‘close the deal’ the role of brokers, distributors and senior retail executives

• Using market data to influence decision making

• What not to do: mistakes to avoid when presenting to US retail buyers

After the webinar companies will be able to submit their materials to Business Sweden, Business Finland, or Business Iceland to sign up for a 30 minutes coaching slot with Green Seed Group.

Vid frågor, var vänlig kontakta: jessica.connelly@business-sweden.se

Du anmäler dig till webinariet genom att registrera dig här på Eventbrite. Deltagarlänk skickas ut efter anmälan.

Nordiska livsmedel i USA – Webinar serie

Detta webinar är en del av en webinar serie som är framtagen för att förmedla så väl givande insikter som praktiskt hands-on stöd för nordiska livsmedelsbolag som vill expandera i USA, oavsett fas. Den är intressant för dig oavestt om du just nu utvärderar om USA är rätt marknad för dig, eller om du skulle vilja expandera din nuvarande närvaro på marknaden.

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