20 Awesome Swedish Acts at SXSW 2015!

We are thrilled about the strong representation at SXSW this year. The diversity and freshness from the northern part of Europe for the line-up is quite cool. It’s also a sort of a womans year. Sweden is one of the biggest export nations of music in the world and it sure is very exciting for us to bring more Swedish music to the U.S. We made it easy for you and made a playlist on Spotify with the tophits of all the Swedish acts: ”Try Swedish SXSW 2015 Tophits ” (actually we made one more extended playlist too, if you just can’t get enough).

Electronic, pop, rock, folk, alternative country, keytar-progpunk and high speed rock’n’roll. It’s all here. Check it out!

Elliphant (Stockholm) – Pop
elliphant“I’ve got four faces,” Elliphant declares. “One of them is the crazy club girl. Then, there’s my hip-hop side. I can also get all R&B on you. A lot of the time, I just feel like a hippie.” Praised for her unique style and futuristic sounds, Elliphant was nominated for the 2014 P3 Gold Award “Newcomer of the Year”.

Laleh (Stockholm) – Pop
ezrb4oicnfhroz1yfatg Photo: Gustaf Thörn
The remarkable journey of Laleh (pronounced La-ley) began in the northern Iranian border of Bandar-e Anzali, where she was born, fleeing that war-torn country a year later, first to Azerbaijan, then to Minsk in Russia, and finally, at the age of 9, a refugee camp in Tidaholm, Sweden. Her music, as one can hear in the international hit single, ”Some Die Young,” reflects that refugee background by wrenching songs from experience, order from chaos, hope from despair and, ultimately, life from death. ”Some Die Young” topped the charts all over Scandinavia, going to #1 for eight consecutive weeks in Norway and sold 14 times platinum, where it became a healing anthem and the album sold double-platinum in Sweden. The song received four Grammy nominations for Song of the Year, Composer of the Year, Pop Artist of the Year. With Island Records, America gets to experience this remarkable singer-songwriter-producer Talent for itself with her debut EP ”Boom” out now. laleh.se

Beldina (Stockholm) – Soulectro
Swedish songstress Beldina recently opened up for Pharrell during his tour stop in Stock- holm and also headlined Boiler Room in Gothenburg alongside DJ Bella Boo. Now, the R&B songbird debuts a soulful new single entitled “Ocean”. Here, the budding vocalist shows us just how effortless beauty can be, as she sings of falling deep below the waters over cascading bells and light piano keys. beldinamusic/info
Live show at Try Swedish at Trade Show #1138:
Monday 16th of March at 12 pm-ish
Tuesday 17th of March 11 am-ish

Seinabo Sey (Stockholm) – Pop
seinaboseyAt the age of twenty-four Seinabo Sey is
in a position where the only possible direc- tion is forward. Listening to her music is like hearing contemporary pop music skip a notch and jump straight up to the next level. Her debut single »Younger« catapul- ted Seinabo Sey to the very frontlines of contemporary pop music and attracted considerable attention both in her native Sweden as well as internationally. seinabosey.com

AMASON (Stockholm) – Folkamason_sxswPerhaps the spirit of a female warrior cou- pled with the liberatingly swinging ‘60s is a suitable description of this five-piece band of Swedish-born and based touring musicians. Or perhaps their name, chosen spontane- ously by Pontus Winnberg of Miike Snow, is just one aspect of this multi-talented, musi- cally minded group of friends that first came together in 2012. Their debut album, Sky City, is due for worldwide release in early 2015 / Sarah Snavely. amasonband.com
Live show at Rooftop terrace party & Music Party at Threadgill’s.

CIKATRI$ (Stockholm) – Punk
Cikatriss_sxswKeytar-progpunk in French from Stockholm, Sweden. CIKATRI$ third EP “Aïe ! le trois” is out now. Using a Keytar as the sonic nu- cleus, CIKATRI$ creates a relentlessly frenetic blast of songs that mix French sixties with Swedish garage punk and the rawer sounds of eighties synth. The live cast of the band includes members of Swedish bands Isobel & November, Holograms, RAS and Henry Fiat’s Open Sore. cikatris.bandcamp.com

Frida Sundemo (Stockholm) – Pop
fridasundemo_sxswLit up by neon, powered by heart, lungs and a med school mind, Frida Sundemo has taken her gut feeling as far as it will go for this five-track EP of protean, gossamery electro-pop. Hospital patients and mathematical logic in- form her writing and in the live sphere, Frida’s songs are born again – time after time. fridasundemo.com
Live show at Try Swedish at Trade Show #1138:
Wednesday 18th of March 11 am-ish

Indevotion (Oskarshamn) – Pop
indevotion_sxswIndevotion is the perfect blend between energetic rock and catchy pop that makes you want to hit the dance floor. This playful Swedish band has one strong goal: to get the crowd devoted. With hit-songs such as ”GoGoGoGoGo!” and ”Originals” they want people to get devoted to them selves, the future and each other. indevotionmusic.com
Live show at Try Swedish at Trade Show #1138:
Wednesday 18th of March 12 pm-ish

Good Harvest (Falun) – Alternative Country
goodharvest_sxswOutstanding vocal harmonies and intricate, playful guitar playing are Hanna Enlöf’s and Ylva Eriksson’s signature sound. In February 2014 they were given prize as ”Newcomer of the Year” at Dalecarlia Music Awards. Good Harvest’s is inspired by both American and Swedish folk music and has been compared with Simon and Garfunkel and Gillian Welch. facebook.com/goodharvestmusic
Live show at Try Swedish at Trade Show #1138:

Tuesday 17th of March 12 pm-ish

Kate Boy (Stockholm) – Electronic
kateboy_sxswDrawing inspiration from groundbreaking music by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, this Stockholm-based quartet makes strident electro-pop with a twist. Kate Boy, com- prised of Australian singer-songwriter Kate Akhurst (vocals) and Swedish musicians Hampus Nordgren Hemlin, Oskar Sikow Engström, and Markus Dextegen, produced Northern Lights themselves. kateboy.com

Kill! Kill! Pussycat! (Ånge) – Rock
killkillpussycat_sxswThe bands high energy rock sound is born out of love for bands like The Ramones, The Mc5, Ac/Dc, The Hellacopters and Motorhead. With their celebrated live shows they’ve built a national following in Sweden. During the spring of 2014 the band did a one-week tour in Spain and then toured as the support act for Takida – one of Swedens biggest rock acts. facebook.com/KKPcat

Live show at Try Swedish at Trade Show #1138:
Tuesday 17th of March 1 pm-ish

The Magnettes (Luleå) – Pop
themagnettes_sxswThe Magnettes was founded as a way of rebelling against the northern silence by singing – loudly and heartfelt – about the things you can’t really talk about. Hailed for their blend of punk, disco and twin-vocal pop melancholy; they released their debut single ”Paper Cut” in 2012, and performed Swedish clubs and festivals, followed by showcases in Murmansk and New York. sonicbids.com/band/themagnettes

Live show at Try Swedish at Trade Show #1138:
Wednesday 1 pm-ish

Moon City Boys (Stockholm) – Rock
MoonCityBoys_sxswThe sound is of a band unafraid to grow up in public, harking back to a time where indie was not a cliché, but simply meant ‘independent’.

Ninsun Poli (Stockholm)
NinsunPoli_sxswWith songs like Faces and Do It it’s easy
to see why Ninsun Poli is tipped as a bright young star in native Sweden. Haunting
and minimal production that drops like a depth charge, to perfectly compliment
the brooding nature of Ninsun Poli’s vocals. Her live shows have been hailed as incred- ibly impressive, clear performances and she’s smashed the Swedish festival circuit. Ninsun Poli will release her new single Great Leap Forward shortly in the UK and the US. ninsunpoli.com
Live show at Try Swedish at Trade Show #1138:
Sunday 15th of March 12 pm-ish
Tuesday 17th of March 4pm-ish

Roshambo (Karlskoga)
roshamboRoshambo, an indie band from the lonesome woods of Sweden. Their sound has been described as energetic and melodic with influences from bands such as Kings Of Leon & WU LYF. Roshambo have been around since 2009 and already have two LP’s and one EP behind them. During their time they have also supported bands such as Mando Diao and Elliphant. facebook.com/RoshamboSweden
Live show at Try Swedish at Trade Show #1138:
Sunday 3 pm-ish

Sofia Talvik

Unmistakably Nordic in flavor, Sofia Talvik somehow still conforms to American interpretations of her own original acoustic folk music, a North Sea siren blending sparkle and melancholy in a visually arresting solo presentation. Sofia has been described

as modern day flower child with a voice resembling Joni Mitchell. An experienced songwriter and performer, she has received rave reviews for her albums and live shows all over the world. sofiatalvik.com

Summer Heart (Malmö) – Electronic
SummerHeart_sxswIt’s not so often that a band’s name truly reflects their sound, but when it comes to Swedish lo-fi solo artist Summer Heart (David Alexander), you can expect just that; hazy, sun-bleached tracks that are the per- fect anthem to remembering hot July nights filled with skinny dipping and sleeping in. summerheart.bandcamp.com

Tove Styrke (Stockholm) – Pop
ToveStyrke_sxswWith Scandinavia fast becoming the 21st century pop factory, 22-year-old Tove Styrke is very much part of the community of visible and brilliant women making music. Tove put out her track “Even If I’m Loud, It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You” earlier this year and it received rave reviews. The Borderline EP and her debut album mashes sounds up, moving from “Love.Angel.Music. Baby”-era Gwen Stefani to Lykke Li, to the clunky piano sounds of Squeeze. facebook.com/tovestyrke

Urban Cone (Stockholm) – Electronic
UrbanCone_sxswUrban Cone’s gritty electro-pop offers a fresh take on indie rock with an energetic sincerity that you cannot help but sing along to. Influenced by the likes of Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode, Urban Cone have already caught the attention of artists across borders and genres and collaborated with John Dahlback and Lucas Nord as well as on upcoming tracks from Porter Robinson. facebook.com/urbancone

Üni Foreman (Kågedalen, Norrland) – Pop
Üni Foremans music has been described as “dooms day pop”, and they are predicted a world domination. The single “Gold” made a writer at Sonic Magazine “fall out of [his] chair and start raving about ‘Cocteau Twins meets the engine from Gil Scott-Herons The Revolu- tion Will Not Be Televised meets Sonic Youth’s most ensouled and rich arrangements”. It is beautiful and dirty, messy and clean, sad and weird. It is all one in Üni Foreman. facebook.com/uniforeman

Live show at Try Swedish at Trade Show #1138:
Monday 1 pm-ish

Tove Lo
At this year’s Swedish Grammy Awards Tove Lo won the two prestigious categories “Artist of the year” and “Song of the year” for the chart topper “Habits (Stay High)”. A US certi- fied platinum break-up epic that has peaked inside the iTunes Top Ten in 25 different countries and caught the attention of the likes of Lorde, Ellie Goulding and Katy Perry, the latter asking Tove to support her on her forthcoming Australian tour. tove-lo.com

From the house that brought you Avicii, comes Cazzette. The Swedish DJ duo is currently tearing up clubs worldwide with “Beam Me Up (Kill Mode),” a club banger with a hard-charging kick drum, an epic vocal track and dub bass drops designed to get the party going. They have been on the rise since making a huge splash in 2011 with their official remix of Avicii’s “Sweet Dreams,” which they then followed up with an official remix of Swedish House Mafia’s “Save the World”. EDM luminaries like David Guetta, Tiësto, Thomas Gold and Martin Solveig have lined up to give their support to the talented dub house duo who are readying their first album release for November 2012. cazzette.com

Snoh Aalegra
Snoh Aalegra is a part of the Artium family and works under the wings of music producer No ID. Snoh’s raspy and soul driven vocals are a perfect marriage with the No ID production that borrows elements from a lot of different genres and tie them all together in a true hip hop spirit. Snoh Aalegra’s debut EP “There will be sunshine” and new single ”Emotional” is out now via iTunes. snoh-diary.tumblr.com

To keep track of the full list of artists, check out the SXSW website.

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