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from our land and sea to your table

Organic fine food. Handpicked and handmade from natural ingredients.
Without artifice. No preservatives. No industrial processing.
Food that challenges your senses and staying true to your soul. With love to your friends and mother earth.

We believe that you eat with all of your senses. Hence, we have made it to our mission to bring you
exceptionally delicious and natural fine foods in a contemporary design.
Produce originating in Europe, design reflecting the Scandinavian lifestyle, amidst friends who source
the world for the sublime. And the magnificent. As well as exceptional.

We have a continuous, uncompromising commitment to genuine food, compelling design and art.
Our respect for traditions and craftsmanship lies upon a philosophy of staying true to land and sea.
When we say handmade, we mean handmade. Our artisan food is freshly prepared in small batches by real hands. Made from organic and natural ingredients – always and forever GMO-free.

truffle & our friends™ preserved truffles 99%

truffle & our friends™ preserved truffles 99% allows you to indulge in European truffles at any time of year. As Mother Nature only creates these treasures seasonally, you were formerly limited solely to truffle infused products whilst your cravings for the freshly foraged gems pressed on throughout the year when they were out of season. Though there is nothing wrong with using infused products, we even encourage you to do so; it is just not the same as the exquisite liking of a fresh truffle.
With the preserved truffles 99%, your cravings can be met anytime you like and to the extent ever so close to the experience of indulging in a fresh truffle. With this unique technique, you can have dehydrated natural truffles that have maintained 99% of their flavour properties at hand in your cupboard year-round.

truffle & our friends™ preserved truffles 99% are produced through a highly innovative and unique method,
in which the fresh truffle is freeze-dried in a vacuum cabinet. This extrudes the water the truffle contains,
while still preserving 99% of its flavour and most of its aromas. The process is solely technical and without
chemicals, which leave us with the same 100% natural product as from the start, only dehydrated to a fifth
of its actual size.

Photo: truffle & our friends

organic white truffle oil Mother Earth signature blend

truffle & our friends™ organic white truffle oil will make an excellent addition to your cooking. Natural white truffle harmonised with exquisite organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. No artificial aromas. No preservatives. We bottle this delicacy in UV protective glass which preserves bioenergy to sustain its uniqueness and ensure longevity.

truffle & our friends organic white truffle oil is a myriad of harmoniously composed fragrances.
It is characterised by an enchanting scent of tender white truffle that is well balanced with freshly picked olives, green tomato and fresh hazelnuts.
In the mouth, you meet a silky-smooth oil and green fruit driven notes with a rounded surface. It has a soft fruity flavour and grows a slight bitterness with some herbaceous spice. At first, the flavours of white truffle are gentle, but they gradually accelerate filling up the entire mouth with this warm, elegant and soft rounded feel, balanced with a slight bitterness from the oil.

Photo: truffle & our friends

black truffle sea snowflakes – 6% black truffle HAVSNØ™ sea salt

truffle & our friends™ black truffle sea snowflakes is a pure handcrafted Norwegian flake salt layered with hand-picked shaved black truffle. Entirely without preservatives, additives and colouring. Pure, delicate flakes with a soft saltiness and crunchy, yet crisp texture, perfectly married with the warm and earthy, full-bodied taste from the black truffle.

To produce a truffle salt that we could be proud of, it was imperative to find an exceptional salt. It may sound quite obvious, but there are several parameters to take into consideration, as well as a preferred style for your end product. On the top of our wish list, we knew that the right kind of salt would be soft, crisp and clean and that it could harmonise with the warm fragrance of black truffle, into a unified product, as opposed to two elements competing for the leading role. With a lot of testing from various geographical areas, different qualities and even more styles and varieties, we are so very fortunate to have the possibility to cooperate with North Sea Salt Works and their outstanding HAVSNØ™. It was love at first taste.
When you open a glass jar with truffle & our friends black truffle sea snowflakes, a pungent deep musky and earthy black truffle are the first scents that hit your nose, followed by a tiny bit of fried garlic and damp forest soil. In the mouth, you instantly feel the mineral content of the cold and clean seawater that makes HAVSNØ crystalline white flakes flat and soft with a light crunchy feeling. Once you fall through the saltiness and minerals, you discover the build-up of the earthy full-bodied black truffle marrying into the ideal balance of two of Mother Earth’s most significant elements, the land and the sea.

Photo: truffle & our friends

la tartufata Donna Mara – organic black truffle sauce

truffle & our friends™ la tartufata Donna Mara is a bold and authentic mix of natural black truffles, organic mushrooms, spices, herbs and organic extra virgin olive oil. No artificial aromas. Spread it over crackers, crostini or bread. Add it to your favourite pasta for the simplest, yet most luxurious sauce. Stir it in a creamy gravy for veggies or steaks. An ideal condiment for all vegan cooking.

La tartufata is a classic sauce that can be found over various regions in southern Europe, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Slovenia and Greece, to name a few. Like many other truffle products, this mélange was born from prudent measures to preserve these earthly treasures and enjoy them all year round. It has as many names as it has origins and as many recipes as it has a variety of ingredients.
We enthusiastically present our la tartufata Donna Mara that is an authentic, artisanal organic product, staying true to our land and made very close to Donna Mara’s original 18th-century recipe.
The main characteristics are obviously black truffles, with a little sweetness and heat from garlic and pepper and saltiness from capers and olives laid down in robust olive oil with toasty notes, like burnt butter akin to popcorn. These elements create a rich sauce, both in taste and textures, packed with umami and an accompanying simultaneous smooth, refined truffle taste to perfect this complete truffle sensation.

Photo: truffle & our friends

white truffle risotto – “a trinity of kings” – organic Carnaroli rice white truffle & porcini

Maybe not in that order, but the primary key is quality. truffle & our friends™ white truffle risotto – “a trinity of kings”, is an elegant risotto base with the most exquisite seasoning.
It consists of high-quality organic Carnaroli rice, prepared for you with delicious white truffles and porcini mushrooms. Make a main for one or two friends and yourself, or as a starter or side for four. Suitable for all friends, regardless if they are vegan or meat-lovers.
What is it that makes a good risotto? The grain type, its quality, the seasoning, the broth (or no broth), the wine, the cooking time and temperatures, the stirring technique and the quality of the cheese.

The Carnaroli rice is often considered the king of Italian rice and it´s kernels are the longest and thickest of the superfino rice. The Carnaroli’s long oval grain holds the highest concentration of starch, which helps keep its shape during the slow cooking, obtaining the most excellent texture for perfect velvety risotto. Concerning the thickness of the rice, it stays al dente even after cooking. Accordingly, it is the preferred choice when making risotto as the rice the star. The porcini mushroom (Boletus edulis) is also known as ”King Bolete”; hence we reckoned it to be the most suitable mushroom to pair with the white truffle that truly is the king of truffles (Tuber magnatum pico) and the king of rice (Carnaroli) – a trinity of kings.
When appropriately prepared you will have an incredibly elegant risotto. Exquisite warm, medium-bodied aromas of earthy truffle and nutty tones from the porcini with a perfect texture and bite.

Photo: truffle & our friends

white truffle dust – white truffle & porcini umami powder

truffle & our friends™ white truffle dust has a savoury truffle aroma with a complex umami flavour that delivers a distinctive depth. Dust on to scallops before cooking. Use as a thickener for soups and stews. Adding it to broths and cream sauces will increase richness. Sprinkle it as a finisher for both taste and decoration. Magically, only a pinch of it transforms a skillet of eggs into a divine brunch worthy of royalty.

To create this powder, the porcinis and truffles are flash-dry frozen together and then ground in a smaller stone mill crafting this heavenly golden-tan dust that is fit to enhance any dish. A deep, earthy, pungent aroma. Finely ground that holds a light golden colour.
Use directly in a later stage of your cooking and mind the heat to obtain as much flavour and aroma as possible from the delicate white truffle. Dust it directly on plates for a decorative taste sensation.

Photo: truffle & our friends

stone mill white truffle flour – organic wheat flour white truffle & porcini

truffle & our friends™ stone mill white truffle flour is a divine flour mix that blends magically into your cooking and baking. Use it as a complementary base in your roux, béchamel or bread. Flavour crépe batters or incorporate our unique and sumptuous flour into your gnocchi or any pasta dough. This addition will effortlessly create an authentic, earthy truffle flavour. And why not use it in your sweets as well? How about white truffle ice cream and hazelnut-and-truffle sandwiches? Each of these imaginative and sensationally exciting possibilities awaits you. When using it in baking, replace 20 % – 30 % depending on which flavour you prefer. Truly a fine wheat flour with authentic white truffle flavour and an umami boost.

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velvety truffle cream – white truffle crème

truffle & our friends™ white truffle crème is a velvety, deliciously creamy heaven. The perfect companion to any cheese or tapas platters. The prized ingredient in creamy pasta sauces or decadent pies. An indulgent dipping sauce for crackers, bread and fresh vegetables. This artisanal blend will delightfully enhance any culinary experience.
Our velvety white truffle crème is distinguishable for its wholly organic origins and the unique and savoury character of it´s milk base. Firstly, truffle & our friends™ white truffle crème is a truly natural product. We take great pride in the organic sourcing of all of our ingredients. Secondly, our blend is crafted in part by both milk from cow and goat, goat cheese, which creates its strong and distinctive flavour.
The crème preserves all the unique flavours from the white truffle and accentuates it´s delicate and softer tones. The velvety texture enhances the full experience, with the clear round and fatty notes of the cream, together with the more distinctness of the goat cheese, that balance it in a more acidic way and enriches a natural saltiness.

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wild honey belo – wildflower honey & white truffle

truffle & our friends™ wild honey belo, your invitation to a luxurious daily treat. Beautiful wildflower honey crafted by hand at a high mountain altitude in a delicate blend with a quality selection of white truffles. Lime tree honey is highly sought-after honey. The taste and intensity of its aroma are stronger than the colour would indicate: when very fresh, it has a greenish hue, but after some time, it becomes clear to amber with a yellow tone. As solid honey, the texture is soft and elegant with low acidity, medium sweetness and sometimes a light bitterness. It has a unique aroma: woody, medicinal and fresh, also described as minty, balsamic and camphorous. When combining all the unparalleled flavours of the mighty white truffle, it creates a genuinely unique honey, impossible to describe by words, nearly only to be savoured in silence.

Photo: truffle & our friends


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