Photo: Matfabrikören Sverige

Matfabrikören Sverige AB is located on the west coast of Sweden and produce RTU Food in one of the most modern Sous-Vide-establishment in north Europe. We are a 100% Private Label-producer and we are certified in FSSC 22000.

Everything that can and should be cooked, can be processed inside our 6 000 square meter establishment. We are experienced and have extensive knowledge within a significant range of groceries: Potatoes, Root Vegetaables, Vegetables, all types of Meat (beef, game, pork, poultry, fish), Soups, Porridge, Charcuteries, Purées etc.

We package meals in various pack sizes serving one or more. We can also handle fruit and berries, which won’t be undergoing treatment and also frozen products.

Packaging: The facilities provides different packaging solutions as:
Thermoform fill-seal

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Matfabrikören Sverige AB
Hongungsgatan 25
432 95 Varberg

Urban Andersson
T: +46 70 51 89 234