Photo: Lily & Hanna's Raw Food Ice Dream

raw food * organic * vegan * refined sugar free * dairy free * lactose free * gluten free * additive free * super good!

The idea for Lily & Hanna’s Rawfood Ice Dream came after I was advised by a naturopathic doctor that my baby daughter Lily should have less animal fat in her diet. As we both love good ice cream, I began to explore the possibility of making ice cream that was both wonderfully delicious and healthy. The result was Lily & Hanna’s Rawfood Ice Dream.

All of our ingredients are of the highest quality, organic, natural as well as wonderfully good. The creaminess comes from cold-pressed coconut oil and soaked cashews. The ice cream is sweetened with dried coconut blossom nectar (made from the nectar of coconut flowers) and agave nectar. Both of these sweets have a low GI of 35, unlike sugar with a GI value of 100. The ice cream is completely free from additives, animal products and refined ingredients. The ice cream is carefully prepared without heating, so that the natural nutritional content and taste of the ingredients are preserved.

We hope you get a lot of pleasure, joy and energy from our ice cream.

Photo: Lily & Hanna’s Raw Food Ice Dream


Lily & Hanna’s Rawfood Ice Dream
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