Photo: Lakritsfabriken

Lakritsfabriken, founded in Sweden in 2011 by Martin Jörgensen, offers you Sweden’s first gluten-free premium liquorice. We continuously strive to find new exciting products to offer our customers. High quality is key. We believe our liquorice to be world class and strive to ensure that our customers feel the same way.

Photo: Lakritsfabriken

Most liquorice contains hydrogenated fats, gluten and carbon black in order to get the right taste and texture. Our liquorice is different and unique. The original recipe contains as natural ingredients as possible and it is based on rice flour instead of wheat flour to make it suitable for gluten intolerant people. With the ambition to launch a variety of liquorice products, the portfolio for Lakritsfabriken now offers more than 20 different products, including products for baking and cooking. All products come in beautiful gift boxes.


Lakritsfabriken has had a tremendous growth of sales in Sweden already from the start. Now we are also represented by distributors in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Iceland, and the US. You can also find our products with for an example Stockmann, KaDeWe, Magasin and Åhlens and we continue to look for exiting opportunities for our unique brand.

”Discover Sweden’s first gluten-free premium liquorice. We believe it to be best in world and we strive to liquorize all continents!” – Martin Jörgensen Founder & CEO




Lakritsfabriken i Ramlösa AB
Ängelholmsvägen 34
254 42 Helsingborg

Lisa Örn
Export Manager
+46 70 349 45 20