Photo: La Praline

Jean-Claude and Katharina Eggel started their business in autumn 2001 as a sole proprietorship. It was at that time they decided to open a chocolate shop. They wanted to offer their customer the leading brands of chocolates from Europe. However, quite immediately they thought that also other stores in Sweden could have interest in the chocolate that they imported and therefore they started a wholesale business. They got good relations with their suppliers and could largely communicate in suppliers’ own language, Jean-Claude speaks six languages ​​fluently, which naturally facilitates cooperation enormously.

Photo: La Praline

Already in 2004 the wholesale business started to take so much time that they decided to close the shop and only act as wholesalers. This was also the year when they started to develop their own brand, the products that they had imported were mainly manufactured after their own ideas and recipes, and why not market it under its real name? In 2006 the name La Praline Gothenburg AB was established and that is also the name they have today.

In summer 2011 they started with their own production and today it’s probably no one in Scandinavia that has not tried the truffles from La Praline. They are the only one in Scandinavia who manufactures this kind of truffles. La Praline Gothenburg is represented in all the Nordic countries and since some years also other countries in Europe. You could say that La Praline over these more than 10 years in the chocolate industry has taken a big step in its development.

La Praline produces 15 different flavours of truffles and also 3 Christmas flavours; apple/cinnamon, ginger and gingerbread. They have different collections of boxes and the latest collections are “Wood Collection” and “Art Collection” which consists of their 6 best-selling flavours. These collections will also be presented at ISM 2018.

La Praline has all information of their products on their website,

La Praline attained IP Certification in 2014. This places constant demands on them to ensure high standards in production processes and traceability of all raw products.

La Praline has different collections for different markets. The white collection is made for the discount market.

Today you can find products from La Praline in all Scandinavian countries and so far also in Germany and United Kingdom.



Backa Strandgata 12,
422 46 Göteborg
Katharina Eggel
T: +46 31 742 97 07