Photo: Falksalt

Falksalt, the leading salt brand in Sweden since 1928.

Ab Hanson & Möhring is a family business spanning five generations. Since 1830 we have been dedicated to salt, offering our customers a wide selection of high-quality products to numerous markets. The Falksalt brand was introduced as early as 1928 and is now the leading salt brand in Sweden but it can also be found in shops and restaurants around the world.

Falksalt Sea Salt Crystal flakes bring out the best flavour of any dish!

Photo: Falksalt

“.. but if you really want to add some flavor to your dishes, you need Falksalt Crystal flakes”. Detroit News
The kind words come from the food editor of Detroit News and he is right. The large, pyramid shaped flakes – all natural – have a light, clean, salty taste with simmering colours. Ideal for finishing any meal on the table! The flakes are extracted from the Mediterranean Sea and harvested by hand using traditional methods.




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