Photo: Lökholmens Organics

A:RLIG delivers premium organic on the go smoothies that tastes homemade. Every ingredient has carefully been chosen to make a complete snack. All smoothies are vegan and foremost it has no additives. It’s just made of natural ingredients.

A:RLIG (Ärlig) in Swedish means honest and that’s simply what our smoothies are. The secret behind the great taste is our cooperation with Swedish star chef Mathias Dahlgren. Mathias Dahlgren is a well established brand that signals high quality.

Choose your A:RLIG depending on mood. A:RLIG mango, we have created a tropical smoothie with mango, sweet potato, passionfruit, fiber rich chia seeds to keep your energy level until dinner.

A:RLIG apple, this is what we call the ”Swedish breakfast classic” where apple, sweet potato, cinnamon, oats and lingonberries gives you a lovely start to the day.

Photo: Lökholmen Organics

Many of us know that its essential to eat a couple of snacks during the day to keep the energy level even. However research suggests that many people do not have the time to prepare a healthy snack to bring with them during the day or the possibility to store it (if it needs to be chilled).

It’s hard to find functional snacks that is easy to bring with you, that tastes good, that are organic, that are healthy, do not have to be stored chilled and that do not have any unnecessary additives. A:RLIG smoothies are very convenient since its easy to bring with you in your jack pocket, your little bag, when you bike, on your boat trip, when you track and in your ski jacket without being bulky.

See you in your hand bag!



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CEO and founder
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