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Business Sweden Hong Kong, in cooperation with Business Finland, is arranging a purchasing trip for City’Super  to Sweden and Finland the first week of April!

City’Super is a premium supermarket chain in Hong Kong and has stores in China and Taiwan.

City’super arranged a promotional Nordic Food Week in their four stores in Hong Kong in November 2018, with the marketing support of Business Sweden and Business Finland. The stores were decorated with a Nordic theme, with Dala Horses and Moomins, as well as Nordic Food videos and Nordic food cooking demos.

City’Super is now interested in arranging a second Nordic Food Week in Hong Kong, and to increase the number or Nordic food and beverage products in their portfolio.

The aim of the purchasing trip to Stockholm on April 4 -5 is to introduce new food and beverage suppliers to City’super and to provide a first-hand experience of the Nordic food culture.


There is no fee during the initial stage for companies interested in having their products proposed to City’super. However, the companies that are selected to have meetings in Stockholm (either April 4 or 5) and the companies that get listed at City’super at the end, will be charged.

Background of City’Super

  • Established in 1996, City Super Group is positioned as a mega lifestyle specialty store, selling premium and quality products
  • Operates 21 Hong Kong stores, 7 stores in Shanghai (China) and 7 stores in Taiwan across the three store brands: City’super, LOG-ON and cookedDeli
  • Experience in importing Nordic and international food, and keen to work with more Nordic F&B products

Benefits of joining the event

  • No VAT, Sales, Import tax (except on spirit products) exporting to Hong Kong
  • An opportunity to build a good reference case for further expansion in the Asian market
  • City’super does not charge for listing fee to suppliers
  • Meeting City’super purchasers in Stockholm to present your products and discussion on potential listing at City’super
  • Receiving direct feedback on your products from the local market
  • Be able to promote your porducts at the Nordic Food Week with support from City’super, Business Sweden and Business Finland

For the event information, please contact:
Carrie Chan
Katie Chan:

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