We hope to finally be able to meet you at the annual organic trade show in Nuremberg, Germany on February 15-18 February, 2022.

We hope we can have the traditional annual Swedish pavilion gathering Swedish innovative suppliers within the organic segment.

For more information on the Swedish participation please contact: Charlotte.Stromback@business-sweden.se

What do we mean with Beyond Organic?

Swedish companies are not content with simply qualifying in the current prevailing standards, we’d rather set newer, even higher demands on what we are producing and handling. We want the good to be better, the healthy healthier and the organic even more organic – not just for our own sakes, but also for the animals and our environment. 80% of all organic products in Sweden fulfill even stricter requirements than the EU-organic label demands, as they are labeled with Swedish certificate KRAV. So our answer to the consumers is to taste Swedish organic – as we go beyond.

To read more about the opening hours, how to get there, and the trade show in general, please visit BIOFACH, Nuremberg.

Try Swedish is the official concept and trademark owned by Business Sweden, The Swedish Trade and Invest Council, to promote Swedish food and beverages globally.

For questions about the Try Swedish food export program in general, please reach out to: tryswedish@business-sweden.se

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