Past Event – This year in the Swedish pavilion we had 13 different companies demonstrating their tasty, innovative products.

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Swedish suppliers presented at Biofach 2019

Almnäs Bruk The Almnäs farm has a recorded history since 1225. Today the farm is run with organic farming techniques. In 2008 Almnäs started making cheese according to the old traditions from the 1830’s.

Dejunked sprung through a shared dream between two friends who believe that even small decisions, like a snack, influences our health. Today Dejunked offers three fantastic smoothies and Dejunked’s products only contain organic ingredients of highest quality. Using gentle pasteurization during production we are able to preserve nutrients and enable a long shelf life without adding any unnatural preservatives.

The Nordic Soda Company (Ekobryggeriet)  offers organic tonic waters with a Nordic twist. Aside from running a successful business they also want to give back to the world according to the phrase “A third to the world”. Meaning that a third of the company profit is donated to environmental projects or people in need.

Gunnar Dafgård is a family business in its third generation located in Källby, right in the Swedish agricultural landscape. Through curiosity and entrepreneurship, since its founding in 1937, we are now the leader in frozen and chilled products for HoReCa and Retail market. All dishes should not only have the right flavour, but also the right consistency, smell nicely and have an inviting appeal. The organic segment is continously growing and developing.

JOM Organic is proud to be the only vegan and organic candy brand with production in Sweden. It is entirely free from palm oil and other unnecessary ingredients. The focus is sustainability and quality. The candy comes in several flavours, either sweet or sour, incredible fullflovoured and better for both you and the environment.

Nordic Green Food/Yipin Organic tofu made in Vallentuna according to the greatgrandmother’s original Chinese recipe. A thriving business that is run with great care, genuine passion and love for both the craft and the fine ingredients. The result is a tofu with the same taste and texture it has always had. Greatgrandmother would have been happy and proud.

Stjärnägg AB was formed in 2002 under the motto “local egg suppliers in collaboration”. Star eggs create the best conditions for high quality eggs and sustainable production by working with local producers. They supply fresh eggs from around 70 certified farmers to stores and restaurants all over Sweden.

Smakriket is a seal for raw materials and products with a very clear origin and high quality. Sweden has a variety of geological and climatic regions with widely differing conditions for raw materials to be developed. From these, Smakriket offers products that are completely unique to their location.

At BIOFACH 2019, Smakriket were representing the following companies:

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