What to do

Everyone can use Try Swedish when communicating Sweden’s food, drinks and experiences abroad. Provided that he or she follows our creative guidelines, does not use it continuously, and shares our vision and our core values ​​of curiosity, honesty, thoughtfulness and quality. Here are the tools to help make the concept come alive.

1. Begin with the story. What story do you want to tell? Is it about your region, product or special raw ingredient? Why should I be interested in that particular one?

2. Use your story, for example, if the wild cloudberries that grow in the norlandic bogs are handpicked and then turned into jam, this is the message you should communicate. On a menu, sign or label. If you use a label, you can hang it on your product. On the front label it could say, for example: Try Swedish! Wild Cloudberry Jam. And on the back: Hand Made in Lapland. Adds flavor to the culinary experience of Sweden. Download the print-ready artwork here.

3. Create a room for your story. Whether you’re at a trade show or hosting a stand-alone event, look at the creative guidelines for inspiration. Think: rag rugs and pine blended with modern Swedish-designed furniture. The handmade and items with intricate detail are important to highlight.

Help put us on the map

When we have previously created stories about all of Sweden or different regions, maps have been a successful part of the design. See examples of the event in London and at the Bocuse D’Or and at the Globus department store. This helped us point out places, producers, restaurants, experiences and raw ingredients and generate curiosity surrounding them.

Join the common cause

If you represent a company, have a look at the co-marketing section in the creative guidelines for examples of how it might look. Use the hangtag to show that your brand and your product is a part of the culinary nation of Sweden. It is also possible to use the message in advertising, on banners and signs and in other communication channels. The message serves as a starting point and an invitation to taste. The more companies that join forces behind the message, the clearer it will be that we offer a diversity of experiences. Invite the world to taste Sweden.

Don’t forget to be social and share

Now that every mobile phone has a camera, it’s easy to document your product or event. That’s why people say, half-jokingly but half-seriously: if there’s no photo, it hasn’t happened. If we’re going to paint a picture about Swedish food, beverages and experiences, you have to remember to document your activities. At a trade show, during an event in the archipelago and even at the top of a northern mountain peak?

Use #tryswedish when you tweet, blog or instagram about Sweden’s food, beverages and experiences. Share stories and provide links to our shared network using tryswedish.com or facebook.com/tryswedish.


Help us put Sweden on the map!

Try Swedish is an open invitation to all the food lovers in the world to discover and taste our food culture and lifestyle. It is a message that we use in order to talk about our history. Together we will awaken an appetite for Sweden – all around the world.


What is Try Swedish?

Try Swedish is a concept that combines the marketing efforts of producers, restaurants and destinations with the goal of building curiosity among food lovers, opinion leaders and decision-makers worldwide.


What to do

Anyone can use Try Swedish when they are communicating abroad about Sweden’s food, drink and experiences. Here are the tools to help make the concept come alive.



All you need to communicate Try Swedish can be found here. From creative guidelines to print-ready artwork. Position your brand, commodity or region as being part of what Sweden has to offer


Case Scenario: Bocuse d’Or

Try Swedish was launched at the French food fair, Sirha in Lyon, in conjunction with the prestigious cooking competition, Bocuse d’Or, in January 2013.


Case Scenario: London

Four hundred foodies and food journalists learned to cook and bake with Swedish ingredients. They spread the word, especially in social media by using #tryswedish.



View the Try Swedish movie and inspire colleagues, customers and partners. You can download a zip file or watch the film on You Tube.


Hang tag

On the back of the label you can write the story of your product. What makes it unique? Where does it come from? How it is produced? And why should someone buy it?