What is Try Swedish?

Try Swedish is a concept that brings together the marketing efforts of Sweden’s producers, restaurants and destinations, in order to pique the curiosity of the world’s food lovers, opinion leaders and decision-makers. The concept has been commissioned by Visit Sweden and Business Sweden.

Try Swedish is a message that encourages people to get a taste of Sweden. The message can be varied infinitely – from Try Swedish Apples (our raw ingredients) to Try Swedish Midsummer (our traditions). Try Swedish Fika (our lifestyle), Try Swedish Skåne (example of a region), Try Swedish Gastronomy (our innovative chefs) and Try Swedish Abba or Mackmyra (examples of brand / products).

Every proud ambassadors of Sweden’s food culture, from regions to businesses, should be able to take advantage of the values ​​associated with our country: our unique natural environment, creative producers, sustainability, a healthy lifestyle and an exciting culinary heritage. The concept also fits with current international trends oriented around the natural, the genuine and the artisanal. Here, in Sweden, we already have the lifestyle that everyone is looking for – and that’s what we’re going to talk about.


The design concept stems from the traditional Swedish in a contemporary context. Pinewood, cardboard and craftsmanship meet Swedish technological innovation, creativity and openness. In the creative guidelines that are available to download, you can learn more about the graphic identity and the language that sets the tone for the concept. Everything here is meant to be used. Only by working together will we put Sweden on the world map!


Our story

Good food begins in the forests, the sea and the fields. Caring for animals, raw ingredients and the earth they spring from is in our blood. Swedish food takes its flavour and variety from our unique landscape – from the fertile soil of the south to the rugged wilderness of Lapland. Our nine climate zones, thousands of freshwater lakes, sweeping coastlines and vast forests infuse a rich food culture.

We come from a tradition of making full use of what nature provides. Long winters have driven us to find new ways to prolong the summer’s bounty – from seed to leaf and nose to tail. A deeply rooted imagination makes us eager to experiment and to embrace influences from all over the world.

Our curiosity is spurring us to sow potatoes in the depths of winter and create new ways to save every vitamin and flavour. It drives our chefs to reinvent school lunches and open world-class restaurants in remote moorland.

We believe in a simple idea: Eat well and you live well. To those who savour every bite, those who see food as an adventure, and those who want fresh and pure ingredients, we have a message: it’s all here. Taste for yourself. Try Swedish!

Dimmig skog, TŠfteŒ, Norrland. Photo: Sara Ingman

Help us put Sweden on the map!

Try Swedish is an open invitation to all the food lovers in the world to discover and taste our food culture and lifestyle. It is a message that we use in order to talk about our history. Together we will awaken an appetite for Sweden – all around the world.


What is Try Swedish?

Try Swedish is a concept that combines the marketing efforts of producers, restaurants and destinations with the goal of building curiosity among food lovers, opinion leaders and decision-makers worldwide.


What to do

Anyone can use Try Swedish when they are communicating abroad about Sweden’s food, drink and experiences. Here are the tools to help make the concept come alive.



All you need to communicate Try Swedish can be found here. From creative guidelines to print-ready artwork. Position your brand, commodity or region as being part of what Sweden has to offer


Case Scenario: Bocuse d’Or

Try Swedish was launched at the French food fair, Sirha in Lyon, in conjunction with the prestigious cooking competition, Bocuse d’Or, in January 2013.


Case Scenario: London

Four hundred foodies and food journalists learned to cook and bake with Swedish ingredients. They spread the word, especially in social media by using #tryswedish.



View the Try Swedish movie and inspire colleagues, customers and partners. You can download a zip file or watch the film on You Tube.


Hang tag

On the back of the label you can write the story of your product. What makes it unique? Where does it come from? How it is produced? And why should someone buy it?