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With its diverse landscape – boasting crystal lakes, deep forests and the Skagerak – West Sweden is an ideal destination for gastronomic exploration. The area is renowned for having some of the best shellfish in the world due to its cold and clean waters ensuring the shellfish grow slowly and offer a wonderfully fresh salt taste. Visitors can indulge in the region’s ‘Shellfi sh Journey’, tucking into the many delicacies of the seafood world – including lobster, mussels, oysters, crayfish and prawns – and learning how to catch and cook them on a unique seafood safari.

Visitors can also learn about the delicacy that is löjrom (fish roe), in the idyllic setting of Lake Vänern, Sweden’s biggest lake, two hours’ drive north of Gothenburg. Available as a guided tour this unique experience includes the opportunity to watch the amazing craftsmanship required to prepare this ‘Vänern gold’ as it’s known locally and the chance to participate in the technical squeezing process.

The Atlantic Ocean is not the only natural pantry in West Sweden; the deep inland forests are rich in delicious foods such as game, wild mushrooms and berries. Meanwhile, the fertile land is the perfect place to produce grain, organic meat and fresh cheese.

Visitors can sample the best of the region’s produce at Taste of West Sweden restaurants– a network of 35 gastronomic eateries that make the most of the local cuisine. Located in an array of naturally-beautiful settings – including islands, deep forest and rich farmland – delicious food hotspots in the network include Villa Sjötorp in Lyckorna, which offers delicious seasonal menus, as well as The Koster Gardens on the South Koster island, named Sustainable Restaurant of the Year at the country’s Restaurant Gala Awards 2012 for its emphasis on growing and raising its own produce.

It’s no wonder that Gothenburg is proud of its foodie heritage.   The coastal city of Gothenburg has five Michelin star restaurants – Thörnströms Kök, Kock & Vin, 28+, Fond and Sjömagasinet, a Gothenburg classic that recently changed ownership and was awarded its first Michelin star earlier this year.

For those looking for other experiences in Gothenburg, you don’t have to look very far. From the cafes in the Old Town serving  traditional Fika to the ‘fish church’ called Feskekyrka –an  indoor fish market housed in a building resembling a church, where you can buy fresh fish and shellfish and find out more about the local produce.



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