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Gothenburg & West Sweden

With its varied landscape – breathtaking coastlines, beautiful countryside, lakes and deep forests – West Sweden is an ideal destination for gastronomic exploration. The area is renowned for having some of the best shellfish in the world. The inland forests provide a variety of game, berries and fresh fish, whilst the countryside produces fine cheeses, beer and schnapps. Producers like The smokehouse in Strömstad, Everts Sjöbod, Östra Gärde farm and Gettergoda Gelato offer locally raised oysters and mushrooms, ecological smoked salmon and salted mackerel, porter beer and artisan goat’s milk ice cream.

Rökeriet i Strömstad (Strömstad Smokehouse) is a seafood restaurant which is *Taste of West Sweden accredited. They also offer activities and a fish shop that sells fresh seafood and smoked products and delicacies. The fish is smoked in wood-burning ovens, which gives a genuine smoky flavour and a beautiful colour to the product. Strömstad Smokehouse practices sustainable fishing.

Evert’s Sjöbod outside Grebbestad, a small village on the West coast, is operated by Per Karlsson and his brother. Foodies from all over the world come to visit their small boathouse and harvest and eat oysters. It is said that these oysters have an especially intense mineral flavour, and are considered among the best in the world.

Östragärde Farm grows and refines button (white) mushrooms. The couple Jenny and Tommy Söder operates the farm in Sätila, 44 km south-east from Gothenburg. They reap an unimaginable 4.5 tonnes of mushrooms a month! They offer a wide range of mushroom based products like: soy made from mushrooms, mushroom salt and smoked mushrooms.

Gettergoda Gelato is an artisan dairy product company. Their main product is their award winning ice cream made from organic and locally produced goat’s milk. Gettergoda Gelato is owned and run by Marie Sedin, a pastry chef with a dream of finding new and more ways to use the nutritious goat’s milk. She started the company with a vision to produce delicious and healthy ice cream from goat’s milk for the conscious consumer and thereby promote a healthy living and a thriving countryside.

*Taste of West Sweden is a network of gastronomic eateries that make the most of West Sweden’s first-class produce

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