Västkustfilé AB
Värnamovägen 4
432 32 Varberg

Ola Johansson
T +46 70 62 77 273

Västkustfilé AB

Västkustfilé AB is a family-owned company which has been operating in the seafood industry for over four decades. We offer a wide range of value-added frozen seafood, with private label comprising 90% of our product portfolio.

Our attractive product range consists of more than 250 different value-added products. It includes a variety of frozen natural white fish, frozen ready meals as well as unique products including organic, eco-labeled and gluten/lactose-free seafood. These are available both in retail and foodservice private labels and packed into tailor-made boxes, flow-pack or vacuum-packages. laxgratäng spenat

We have a strong focus on sustainability (MSC-label) and clean label, offering almost all of our products without E-numbers, coloring or preserving agents or flavour enhancers. About 75 % of our annual sales are MSC-labelled products.