Trensums Food AB is a Swedish company founded in 1948 with proud traditions.

Trensums Food AB shall be northern Europe’s best producer in the seg­ments of sauces, jams, stocks and drinks and being the best at product development, purchasing and production. Ridd_Trensum 25

Trensums Food AB has progressed into a qualified food production company with flexible production facilities, with wide reaching experi­ence and knowledgeable staff members. Ridd_Trensum 22

Trensums Food AB shall be your first choice of production partner within the liquid food segment and for processed foods prepared from berries, fruits, cereals, tomatoes and other commodities. We tailor reci­pes, invent and develop products, while our high production capacity generates cost benefits.

Products may be filled hot or cold and they may be packed in anything from food pails, drums, bottles, jars, plastic cups or Tetra packs.

Welcome to Trensums Food AB!



Trensums Food AB
Storgatan 37
Box 112
362 22 Tingsryd
T: +46 477-540 00

Martin Bernhardsson
Sales and Customer Manager
T: +46 73-033 41 70