The Swedish Food Federation  has more than 800 member companies, with over 55 000 employees, representing all kinds of food producers from small local companies to large international concerns. The Swedish Food Federation is an employers’ organization and a member of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and FoodDrinkEurope. The Board of the Federation consists of representatives of the member companies, under the chairmanship of Mr Göran Holm (elected April 2011). The Director General is Ms Marie Söderqvist. The Swedish Food Industry is the 4th largest industry in Sweden, based on production value and number of employees.

The ambition is to produce the best food in the world, in taste and quality of the food, and with high awareness and social responsibility throughout the whole food chain. In order to do so a sustainability manifesto for the industry has been established. With the manifesto the industry shows that it is modern, long-sighted, and competitive when it comes to producing food in an environmentally-friendly and ethical way.