Slow Food Sápmi

Slow Food Sápmi (SFS) is an organization that includes the Sámi regions of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia, representing Sámi food entrepreneurs, e.g. Idre Ren & Vilt, Lapplandsvilt, Fjällvilt, Renprodukter and Brurskanken Rein, Norway, and Sámi people interested in Sámi cuisine and the sustainable use of natural resources. Renlycka is a quality label that is co-owned by reindeer farmers. Reindeer meat is wild, exotic and healthy meat that offers a taste of genuine Sámi food culture. VisitSápmi is the Sámi initiative to organize and promote sustainable and ethical Sámi tourism.

Fjällvilt produces and refines its own products of reindeer, elk and wild caught fish in Ammarnäs in Swedish Lapland. The family has worked with and made a living from reindeer herding for many generations, and mainly use old recipes and traditions as they do in everyday life.

Lapplands Viltprodukter is a Sami company who gather their raw ingredients from the wild in the Lappland Mountains and forests. The company always puts the animals welfare in focus.

The company Renbiten is a small Sami family-business, located in the beautiful Grövelsjön, in Dalarna in central Sweden. They combine their own small-scale processing, farm shop and many different experiences, where the guests can get in contact with Sami culture, the reindeers and the nature in the wonderful mountains.

The business idea of Idre Ren & Vilt is the up- grading and sale of pure raw material and offering their customers high-quality Swedish products based on South Sámi culture and reindeer herding.