Svetsaregatan 20
SE-302 50 Halmstad

Magnus Månsson
Export Manager Sea salt flakes
T +46 737 02 57 78


For more than 185 years, we have been experts in salt. Salt that keeps the roads safer, the water softer, farming more profitable and food tastier. Thanks to an accumulation of knowledge, dedication and experience we can deliver high quality salt products to markets worldwide. Our independence from the world’s salt producers also enables us to offer the widest product range on the market.

The products in the market area, FOOD, are targeted towards consumers as well as all kinds of food business operators. The range features everything from everyday table salt to more exclusive Mediterranean Sea salt and delicate flake salts. There are fine and coarse salts, with or without iodine, mill salts, Himalayan salts and more. Among more recent products are a salt with naturally lower sodium content.