Printzells Confectionery is a Swedish, independent, family-owned business; home of one of the most well recognized brands in Sweden, Nöt-Crème.

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Our history began almost 100 years ago, back in the early 1920’s…

It all started when Carl Printzell founded Mjölby Karamellfabrik; Mjölby sweets factory. The company started out producing honey capsules, a health-food product. However, the capsules were not profitable, so Mr. Printzell and team  instead experimented with manufacturing of the delicious hazelnut cream filling found inside hard candy. The filling was packaged in small, white, plastic pouches and was called Nöt-Crème; nut cream. Initially, this concept was met with a lot of resistance. The choice of packaging was original, but the product gained acceptance and has turned in to a big success over time.

We manufacture hazelnut cream, peanut cream, and milk chocolate cream, which we distribute as bread spread, truffles, and candy. We are mainly distributing our products to retail chains and as Pick&Mix.

Our main ingredients in our products are hazelnuts, peanuts, milk, sugar and cacao. Shelf-life: one year.

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Printzells Confectionary AB
Hövdingegatan 33
281 33 Hässleholm
+46 451 150 00