Pågen is the leading bakery company in Sweden. Ever since 1878, when the founders Anders and Matilda Påhlsson first opened a little bakery shop in Malmö, Pågen has had a passion for baking. Today, Pågen employs some 1 400 people, most of whom work at our bakeries in Malmö and Göteborg.


The product range includes various kinds of bread, toasts, pastries and cookies.

Almost all of the bread we bake at Pågen uses sourdough and the benefits of baking bread using sourdough are numerous.

It contributes several positive qualities to the structure, taste and aroma of the bread. The bread is tasty, moist and has a relatively firm structure that produces fewer crumbs. The sourdough also contributes to a longer shelf life.

Our KRISPROLLS® varieties are loved around the world. Each has its own special character and a rich, wonderful taste thanks to carefully chosen ingredients. Krisprolls are the perfect match for all kinds of snacks, meals and servings.

Pågen Gifflar Kanel (Cinnamon) is the Number One pastry in the Nordic Region. More than 300 million of these cinnamon rolls were enjoyed by consumers in the region last year.

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Product news

FUNS were launched during the summer of 2014 and soon became a great success. FUNS are small yummy buns with a vanilla filling. During fall 2014 the product will also be launched in Denmark, Finland and the northern part of Germany.

Ingredients, CSR and allergy

Pågen has its own mill, Farina, which grinds virtually all of the wheat flour and rye flour used in our products.

Farina has a history dating back more than 500 years, and together with its sister mill in Gothenburg accounts for 25 percent of all flour ground in Sweden.

Pågen bought Farina in 1984, not a difficult decision as the mill is in the heart of the country’s very best grain region and only 40 kilometers from the bakery in Malmö.

Thanks to Farina, at Pågen we control the whole chain, from grain to bread.

Almost all of our grain is cultivated locally, as we believe that locally sourced products are best from an environmental perspective. Buying our flour from Farina, with its traditions and its proximity to our bakery, is therefore an obvious goal. Handled correctly, bread is a climate-friendly food with an environmental impact on a par with carrots and potatoes.

At Pågen we are very much aware of intolerances. This issue affects the way we bake, which we do in such a way that we have the most possible control over the various ingredients.

If you want to know more about the lists of ingredients for our products, you are welcome to contact us


Pågen works with quality in all parts of our organization.

Global and European standards like BRC, HACCP, are some of the quality standards that are followed throughout the company.


Thanks to the Company’s effective national distribution system, consumers all over Sweden find fresh bread from Pågen in the local supermarkets every day. This is also becoming a reality for consumers in the Scandinavian neighbor countries as Pågen now defines the entire Nordic Region as its home market.

Recently Pågen started to sell bread in the northern part of Germany.

Pågen products are represented in big and small stores, mostly in premium stores but also in some

Pågen is one of Sweden’s leading food exporters. France, the United Kingdom and Belgium are the key export markets outside the Nordic region.

In particular Krisprolls® – Original Swedish Toasts – has become popular in many countries, not the least in France where this well-known brand is a regular source of “joie de vivre” for French consumers. Export sales account for 90% of the total volume of Krisprolls.

Spain, Iceland, Italy, USA, Canada, Baltics, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Ireland, Turkey are some other countries where you can find Pågen products.  


– Most major retail chains in Western Europe.

– During 2014 Pågen received the award, Swedish Food Exporter of the year.



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