The company OLLE SVENSSON AB was established in 1945 with core business in the berry industry and with its heart in Scandinavia. Since the beginning there has been a steady economic growth and through inventive developments and acquisitions, the company is today market leader in many segments and supply berries from many countries.

It is known that berries are great source of vitamins and antioxidants, and they help us to build up immunity and resist aggressive influence of urban environment. It is however crucial that the handling of the berries are done in the best way possible to maintain the original benefits. That means the most careful picking, immediate freezing, maintained frozen chain until production for cleaning and sorted by color, quality and form with the help of laser, optic and infrared cameras.
delicious fresh berries in a row

During a short and intensive season, thousands of pickers gather tons of berries, which must be frozen, cleaned and stored. Olle Svensson AB has become the foremost wholesaler of wild berries in Scandinavia and with a subsidiary in Bosnia, as well as partners all over Europe.

Through the use of advanced technology, large storage capacity and the highest certification standards, we have removed wild berries from the list of seasonal products. We can offer first class berries frozen IQF (individually quick frozen) all year round, wild and cultivated, conventional and organic. Origin and full traceability is always presented.

Olle Svensson AB is a sister company to Trensums Food AB and also a part of Nordic Food Group. The Nordic food group acts within business segments as fruits and berries, sauces, salads, and beverages, and with both purchase and production in many places in Europe and sales all over the world. But, berries are still Olle Svensson AB´s core



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