Knäck & Bräck AB
Östra Tunhem Stommen 3
521 94 Falköping

Annalena Brage
+46 706 98 06 40

Knäck & Bräck since 2008

Knäck & Bräck is a family business that was started by Annalena Brage in the autumn of 2008 in the small village of Östra Tunhem, ten kilometres north of Falköping in southern Sweden. The company is currently run by Annalena and Niclas Geidvall with three employees.

Heirloom and certified organic
Our bakery uses only heirloom grains that are certified organic by KRAV (Swedish label for organic food) and are produced by local farmers.

Varieties from a thousand years ago
By using these old cultivars, we are linking our thousand-year old heritage with our modern consumption habits, and it feels we are closing the circle and tying the past and present together.

Different flavours and shapes
The flavours and shapes are inspired by Swedish traditions and, as we want our crispbreads to please all the senses, we take them appealing to the eye too. Our crispbreads are therefore produced in a range of varying shapes.

From Falköping to the ”whole world”
We are honoured to be entrusted with supplying the Swedish Royal Court in Stockholm and Harrods in London with our crispbread. We are also proud to be part of the permanent range of the Globus department store in Zurich and to have supplied our crispbread to the Stockmann department store in Helsinki.

Today, our products are sent to the UK, Germany, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Hong Kong, Norway, Italy, Switzerland and Finland, and of course across the length and breadth of Sweden!