HealthyCO AB
Skiffervägen 102
224 78 Lund

Felipe Garay
+46 46 540 95 95


HealthyCo, founded by the people behind First Class Brands and its CEO Felipe Garay, to meet the increasing consumer demands with healthier commodities.

Health awareness is growing in great speed all over the world today and our Swedish-based company was created to make it easy for the consumers to eat organic, healthy and functional food while remaining extremely price-conscious.

We identify products that show a positive trend or are already in major categories, but with few expensive suppliers and unhealthy options.

HealthyCo develops, produces and distributes commodities that re organic, with no added sugar and in some cases with added protein all with a classy design and delicious taste.

In our portfolio, we have for example Proteinella, our big hit. A hazelnut spread where we replaced the environmental hazard palm-oil, with sunflower-oil and replaced the sugar with maltitol to avoid blood glucose spikes.

Our organic protein-bread is a guilt free way to start your morning routine, or perhaps our crispy organic granola. Whatever you choose, we can assure you it’s good for you!

As a conclusion, we quote HealthyCo’s CEO, Felipe Garay: “It’s about meeting the demands of a modern, well-informed consumer who considers organic, healthy and functional food to be part of their agenda – but is at the same time extremely price-conscious”.

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