First Class Brands is a young and agile Swedish company that practice what they preach. Their motto is: “If we consume it ourselves, we want to share it with others.” The company’s founders have taken an interest in functional, tasty, healthy – preferably protein-enriched products. They’ve created a range of strong brands – ProteinPro, Aloes, AminoPro and many more. The products are stocked by all the major retailers in Sweden, such as ICA, Willys, Lidl, Netto, Axfood, Bergendahls and so on.

FCB’s is based on identifying products that is already showing a positive trend, but with few strong suppliers. Therefore, FCB can develop the right product and create an alternative to an already existing big seller, but with more flavour, better pricing structure and more impactful design.

We cover the entire needs from the every-other-day exerciser to the professional athlete. Everything from snacks, like our “ProteinPro BigBite” or our ready-to-go “ProteinPro Shake”, to qualitative supplements like CreatinePro, PwoPro and VitaminPro to mention a couple.

The trend towards a healthier lifestyle is on a constant upward curve. As a result, FCB is on a mission to supply the market with pleasurable, protein-enriched and healthy products for supermarkets, convenience stores, online-shops, hotels and restaurants.

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First Class Brands Sweden AB
Skiffervägen 102
224 78 Lund

Martin Szepczynski
+46 46 540 95 95