Fardhem Choklad

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Welcome to Fardhem Choklad

– a small, passionate, chocolate company located in the basement of the old school house in Fardhem on sout hern Gotland. Fardhem Choklad was established in 2010 when Maria Wande moved to Fardhem with her family from the Swedish main land. The family wanted to try a different way of life in the country side and there was plenty of space in the old school house where the family moved in, to start experimenting with Marias great passion – chocolate. Within a month her first praline, ”Heart of Gotland”, was created and the first customer, a small delicat essen shop in the neighbouring town, was established.  All pralines and chocolate bars are hand made with the finest organic and fair trade chocolate from Brazil,

oblaterFardhemThe Dominican Republic and other interesting places in the chocolate world. The flavours are inspired by the island of Gotland. Most ingredients, such as honey, cream, herbs, berries, walnuts and fruits are locally produced and organic.  “Gotlandshjärtat” (‘Heart of Gotland’), is a dark chocolate heart filled with the finest hand made saffron marzipan, following the tradition of Gotland as a centre for the medieval trade in the Baltic Sea.