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Eldrimner is a national center for artisan food that provides knowledge, support and inspiration to food artisans throughout Sweden. The producers use raw products and natural processes, often based on ancient preservation methods such as drying, smoking, acidification, salting and air-tight packaging. The small dairies and farms Skärvångens bymejeri, Hagelstads Gårdsmejeri, Skogens Sköna Gröna, Rältagården, Hara Gård and Resville Mathantverk produce cheese, ham, crispbread, juices, nectars and jams and processed pine products like syrup.

Skärvångens bymejeri in the region of Jämtland in the north of Sweden, manufactures different kinds of cheeses including pressed hard cheeses and soft cheeses from the milk of village cows and goats.

Hagelstads gårdsmejeri, on the island of Öland, produces goat cheese from the farm’s goats. The different cheeses they produce are; cream cheese, oil marinated cheese, white cheese, chèvre and aged cheese.

Skogens Sköna Gröna, also located in Jämtland, is a company which products are based upon what the forest has to offer. Their business idea is to develop existing products and technologies into innovative dining experiences like the success spruce syrup. 

Rältagården is located in Dalarna in central Sweden. The farm is completely organic and the foundation of the business is the rearing of cattle, and own production and sales of processed meat products.

Hara Farmhouse in Jämtland is a bakery and a farm shop. The bread from their own bakery is baked with organic ingredients and cultivated rye from the area.

Resville Mathantverk is a small-scale artisan food company outside Lidköping in West Sweden. They manufacture jams, marmalades, jellies and beverages from local ingredients such as fruits, berries and vegetables. The flavours are unique and imaginative, including combinations of yellow beet, apple and gooseberry.


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