Doggy AB
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447 84 Vårgårda

Niklas Siwersjö
Business Unit Manager
T +46 10 55 63 491




Pet food that is kind to our animals and our planet!

Doggy AB is the largest pet food producer in Sweden with clients in more than 20 countries.

Doggy has two modern production plants, one for dry pet food and one for wet pet food, either traditionally packed into cans or in the innovative Tetra Recart paper-board packaging

With over 110 years of experience in developing nutritious food for cats and dogs, we can now proudly announce that the wet food range in the paper-board packaging Tetra Recart is extended with nutritious and highly palatable paté products for dogs boosted with delicious berries, herbs and vegetables.

Doggy puts huge efforts in caring for both the animals and our planet and has developed a unique sustainable pet food concept – where every part of the chain works as its own “eco system”. We ensure:

High Ethical Standards in Animal Husbandry
With strict laws in Sweden for animal husbandry and feed, we have high standards for ingredients even before they reach our kitchen.

  • 100% renewable energy
    Once inside the factory, which is run on bio-steam from forest residuals and hydro-power from the Nordic rivers, we make sure that possible residuals becomes new raw materials and bio-fuel.

Recyclable packaging
Of course we focus on using recyclable packaging such as the Tetra Recart packaging.

  • Top quality sustainable ingredients
    We give you a modern food alternative with fresh ingredients, sustainable fishing, without unnecessary additives and free from antibiotics.
  • All steps in the ecosystem are the groundwork for a sustainable series of pet food that is kind to animals and our planet.